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Arthur Magazine to return in August 2007

subsrc.jpgArthur Magazine is coming back! My favorite free, independently owned and operated transgenerational counterculture magazine announced it was done back in March 2007 and there has been a void ever since! Well fear not, the five-year-old LA based music, culture, politics and drug magazine announced that the zine will return from their sabbatical in early August of 2007. In the meantime if you’re jonesing for a freaky fix, you might wanna check out their blog that they’ve been updating pretty regularly. The dudes over at Arthur have also been announced some groovy plans for some CD and DVD releases as well as a book anthology of the best of the last five years of the magazine. Sounds pretty hippylious if you ask me, I can smell it from here!

Jeordie White (Twiggy Ramirez) Is DJing The Bar tonight

l_7af745c2ca748c6c5700f90412fdbf49.jpgJeordie White AKA Twiggy Ramirez will be DJing rock n’ roll songs with myself tonight at The Bar from 10:00pm till 2am. You might know who Jeordie used to be from such rock bands as Goon Moon (which he does with Zach Hill from Hella & Chris Goss from Masters Of Reality and who’s also recorded Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, the new Duke Spirit, Mark Lanegan, UNKLE & others), Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle & Marilyn Manson. Plus he’s friends with Liam Gallagher (the lead singer of the greatest currently active rock band on earth,OASIS), so you can’t get much cooler than that. The Bar is located at 5851 Sunset Blvd (Cross Street: Bronson Avenue) in Hollywood. Get there early for a booth but either way stop by, have some drinks and listen to some killer tunes.

In other semi-unrelated rock news, The Verve reunited this week and announced November UK live dates. The DL word on the street is that they will be playing a festival in Los Angeles sometime in March of 2008, which is a ways off but GODLIKE non-the-less. Can’t wait for Dicky Ashcroft and Nick McCabe to set foot on our side of the pond and lay down some headbangin’ riffs!

BRMC are shooting a video downtown tomorrow

One of LA’s best rock bands, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, will be filming a video downtown tomorrow (Saturday June 23rd) while on a short break at home from tour. The video will be for the band’s second single “Berlin” and if you want to be a “volunteer fan” in the video email [email protected] with your name, contact info and a photo ASAP! Click here to see their video for “Weapon Of Choice” and click here for a pretty cool “sneak peak” at their newest album “Baby 81”.

Also, if you like to hear good rock n’ roll while you throw a few drinks back in a cozy little bar with comfy booths… starting tonight I will be DJing at The Bar (5851 Sunset Blvd – Cross Street: Bronson Avenue) every Friday night from 9:30pm til 2am. Stop by and hang out. Yeah.. I got no shame in my self-promotion game.

Tower Records is now Icky Thump Records

If you’re in a rock band that gets big you get to do cool shit like take over the Tower Records building on Sunset and call it “the name of your new album” Records. Yep, The White Stripes got pretty big and Jack White gets to do cool shit on the daily. Dude wins. And you kinda win if you head on over to the new “Icky Thump Records” tonight at midnight, where you could be one of the first people to buy The White Stripes new record “Icky Thump”. The cool part is If you’re one of the first 200 people to throw you cash down for Jack & Meg’s new tunes you’ll get a ticket to come back to the store on Wednesday, July 20th and see them play a special in store performance. Maybe you can even talk Meg into throwing a few drinks back with you after the show at Coach & Horses. You can’t stop her party!

Update: Check out the Icky Thump Records youtube page here and more photos after the jump…

By the way, speaking of Coach & Horses… if anyone reading this knows the owner or manager of that place, tell that piece of garbage to put Oasis back in their jukebox.


That’s like a priest removing all the crosses from his church. Why don’t you get your shit together and put Oasis back in (BOTH DISCS OF THE GREATEST HITS, DONT BE A PUSSY AND ONLY PUT DISC 2 IN LIKE YOU HAD BEFORE BRO) and while we’re at it let’s ace one of those shitty soundtracks NO ONE wants to hear that you’ve got in that thing. Fuck, you might wanna also throw in some Stone Roses, a REAL Who album (that BBC shit BLOWS, just play it safe and stick with Who’s Next poser), The Damned (first album please), Primal Scream (Dirty Hits bro), The Verve, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Blur and more Black Sabbath. Fuck, might as well hire me to load that juke box up… pretty sure I need a job anyways plus I loved your bar until you removed Oasis.

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What’s going down in your hood?

Ever wonder what kinda freaky fucked up shit is going down in your neighborhood when you hear copper sirens and/or helicopters buzzing your house? Well, now you can find out the downlow via LAPD Crimemap’s awesome website @ Today was a good day, only a few “thefts from vehicles” in my area.

Speaking of, it’d be a crime if you missed The Duke Spirit play their rock n’ roll music @ Spaceland on Tuesday night this week. They slay, I promise.

The Duke Spirit are playing Los Angeles

Picture2.jpgYep, that’s right… finally some good rock n’ roll to go see live in this town. The Duke Spirit are on this side of the ocean (they’re from that little island with the shitty food called United Kingdom) recording their new full length with Chris Goss out in the desert. The band recently just played an amazing show at Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace that blew minds and have now decided to bring their rock back to the city. I’ve described this band before as… kinda like The Jesus & Mary Chain fronted by Nico if she could sing better, had more attitude and wasn’t retarded. Don’t miss this band @ Spaceland (yeah, I know… the only bummer is you gotta go to Silverlake) on June12th. Mark your calendars! Oh, and the Duke Spirit have the coolest website of any band out there as far as I’m concerned. Might as well hit their myspace for some tunes and videos… they’ve got plenty of em!

Watch Michele Merkin tonight on The Next Big Thing

1035702480_l.jpgMy friend Michele Merkin (who also happens to be the 56th hottest girl according to Maxim) is hosting a new show that’s debuting tonight on ABC called “The Next Best Thing” which is basically like American Idol if they were picking the best celebrity impersonator instead of “the best” clueless shitbox singer. I mean, let’s get real… who doesn’t wanna see “Almost Toby Keith”, “Paris Hilton Lookalike”, “The Best Austin Powers Impersonator In The world” & “Larry AKA Freddy Kruger” battle it out?

New Queens of the Stone Age single & video…

QOTSA_evavulgaris.jpgOne of LA’s best rock n’ roll bands, Queens of the Stone Age, are set to release a new album entitled “Era Vulgaris” on June 12th.

In the meantime you can check out their new video for the record’s first single “Sick, Sick, Sick”, which is sure to ruin your appetite. Click here to watch the video, then click here to check out a hilarious promo video featuring “Bulby” (who is also on the record’s cover) and finally head over here to download the mp3 of “Sick, Sick, Sick”.

You can (and should) catch QOTSA performing LIVE with their two new members Dean Fertita on keyboards (touring member of The Raconteurs) and Michael Shuman on bass (from Wires On Fire) at that KROQ Weenie Roaster crap and a few other shows coming up. Hit their website for all that kinda info. I’m hoping Bulby gets his own Saturday morning TV show… that I would watch!

A few shots from the parking lot at Black Sabbath Heaven & Hell

I went and saw Black Sabbath Heaven & Hell (with Megadeath opening) a couple weeks ago and not only was the show killer, but the parking lot was a party too! Coolers full of beer, car stereos blasting Sabbath and Dio, people dressed like Metallica back in 86′, Dio hot dogs and even a few Jesus freaks with signs running around. It sure ain’t a real metal show if the Jesus freaks don’t show up now is it?

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Los Angeles landmark no more?

rest-bevhills-photo1.jpgI’ve been hearing the awful rumors since about this time last year that Trader Vic’s was going to be bull-dozed for some new shitbox condos or hotel. Well it looks like that day has come because the legendary Hawaiian themed bar and restaurant on the corner of Santa Monica and Wilshire boulevards has stopped taking reservations and will soon be leveled. I’m pretty sure that if Frank Sinatra was still alive homeboy wouldn’t let this shit fly. Ol’ Blue Eyes would have his pistol in someone’s face right about now straightening shit out. Seeing as how that isn’t going to happen, I recommend calling and complaining about LA’s best spot for Mai Tai’s and Scorpion Bowls being shut down. Give em’ hell. Tel: 310-276-6345

A preview of the new Queens Of The Stone Age record!

Queens Of The Stone Age have a new record coming out on June 12th called “Era Vulgaris” on some tiny label called Interscope (I’ve never heard of it either). They’ve also got a new ripper of a bass player named MIke from a small band called Wires On Fire (who happen to be on my label Buddyhead). Queens haven’t released a sneak peak of Mike yet, but they did just post a sneak peak of their new single “Sick Sick Sick” on Youtube. You might wanna check it out seeing as how QOTSA are one of Los Angeles best rock n’ roll bands and let’s face it… you are sitting in front of a computer monitor… So, it’s either watch this or check out some more porn, right buddy? Click here to watch the video spanky.

A little guy named Dio! Maybe you’ve heard of him? a reminder that Black Sabbath Heaven & Heaven are playing the Forum this Wednesday, April 25th! A small band named Megadeath will be opening and in the parking lot it’ll be open tailgate season. Tickets are still for sale so don’t blow this one… get your tickets now! Think about it… Where else are you gonna find people watching this good? You aren’t finding that anywhere. Dio will be the really short dude on stage “Squeezing Oranges” and I’ll be the one in the second row yelling “OHHHHHH COME ON” after they go into “The Mob Rules”!

Well, show me the way to the next whisey bar

seven_grand.jpgJust in case you were wondering… I had a killer time last night. Our first stop was at the sketchy yet charming Shatto Lanes 39 (which Sean actually just wrote about here) for my friend Sam Velde‘s surprise birthday bash. Happy Birthday douche bag! I didn’t even know the place existed but it does… over on 4th and Vermont. We hung out for the big “surprise!”, some birthday cake, a few games of bowling, five or six high fives, a little Guns N’ Roses pinball (the only bummer is it’s Gilby Clark Illusions era), one game of Ms. Pac Man (you can go check out my initials as the high score if you’re into that sort of thing), a few shots of chilled Crown Royal and a whole bunch of beers. After leaving Shatto, we then headed downtown to check out a new whiskey bar called SEVEN GRAND. Man-OH-man does this place rule!

Seven Grand is my new favorite bar in Los Angeles!

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Wow, I found Randee Of The Redwoods…

RandeeOfTheRedwoods.jpgIt was on accident, but I found him. If you remember MTV’s Randee Of The Redwoods then you are officially old (like myself). The other day someone mentioned to me that I should check out the comedian named Jim Turner because he’s “really funny” and he is currently doing a monthly comedy night at Largo. There isn’t much info about Jim online, from what I can tell he doesn’t even have a website. But his next show at Largo is on April 30th and I think I’m going. I’m really hoping that he does his Randee character and Fiona Apple is sitting next to me while that happens. But I am based a tiny bit in reality and I’m gonna guess that neither happens. Homeboy’s Wikipedia page was one of the only places I could really find any info on the guy.

Anyone seen Jim Turner before? Is he funny? Does he do Randee? What’s the score?

Heaven & Hell (aka BLACK SABBATH) are playing in 9 days! A little thing called TAIL-GATE! Maybe you’ve heard of it?