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Tammara is a writer/producer in the wonderful world of Television. She hangs under the Hollywood sign with the love of her life Dan the man. She hails from the Florida Keys; blue Caribbean water is where you'll find her frolicking when she's not creating alternative TV worlds to get lost in, or gardening, or drinking champagne.

Screams from a Storm Drain

This morning started out calmly enough. A brisk walk with the dog in the hills of Hollywood. Then we came upon a storm drain. The dog went crazy sniffing and suddenly I heard screams. High pitched loud ones coming from the storm drain. I yelled down that I would get help. The moaning stopped. I tried to make contact. Silence. Was it a baby? A woman couldn’t fit down there. A small dog? A cat?

I ran home and dialed 911 and explained the situation to the fire department. To their immense credit, they were there in 15 minutes. They pried the manhole off the storm drain, and we heard the screams again. Much more woefully. They insisted it was an animal. They couldn’t risk going down and perhaps injuring themselves if it was a wild animal. “this happens all the time”.

I went home and called animal control. They listened and said they would try and get a field officer out there, no guarantee. An hour later, I got a call asking me to go out to the area, a couple of blocks away and show the officer where the animal was crying.

I left my house… but there was no animal control officer anywhere! I waited and waited. The cries continued. Hours had gone by.
Later, I ran into a neighbor and they told me that an animal control truck had circled the area but hadn’t stopped.
The screaming has stopped, no sound is coming out of the drain seven hours later. Perhaps the animal got loose and is okay. More likely, it gave up and died. Really hard to not be able to help.

We’ve Got Valentine’s Day Licked: The Power of the Little Pink Box

I needed a reset. I’ve been down with the flu for a week, so I decided I would visit some lingerie shops to try and get some hotness on for Valentines Day. I picked the two sexiest shops I had heard about, “Coco La Mer” and
Agent Provocateur”.

Note for future Love pumping: I mentioned to my paramour that I was going to tour some lingerie shops.  For the first time ever, he volunteered to go along with me while I shopped! Hmm. I declined, a good tease is half the fun of romance!

My first stop was Coco La Mer on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood.  This place has a lot of intrigue.  Set back from the street, you enter after wandering down a short path.  The setting is very Marquis de Sade.  Very high end, very French Chateau Mistress action. It looked good, but the mix of low lighting and plush furniture made me want to sit down and eat a chocolate.
Nevertheless, I was on a mission, so I picked some corsets, had them turn up the dressing room lights and went to work. Wow.  Very expensive.  (Why is it that silky sexy pieces of fabric strategically placed cost more than a whole outfit?) No matter.  It’s the end result that matters.

At Coco La Mer, there are lots of classy looking leather pieces that hoist, tighten and in general mold the female body into fetish art.  There are also lots of very art like dildos, vibrators and bondage items.  Not your everyday plastic stuff, we’re talking hand blown glass objects, gold vibrators, leather mixed with feathers and steel.  Very super high end fantasy stuff.  This is life-style we’re talkin’ here, not a ‘role-play for the night get-up’.  So as they say, ‘why not invest in something that will last forever?’

Alas, I didn’t find anything.  But it did work some magic.  As I was walking out, aforementioned love puppy sent a picture of him posing in his shorts.  This was new territory!

On to my next stop, at “Agent Provocateur” on Melrose, I got lucky. First the saleswoman had me try on some sizzle worthy red pumps, telling me that everything looked better in heels. She was right. I had a really hard time choosing between the corsets and stockings and a short number with fringe and amazing push up action. Damn it American Express! I bought both. And the red heels. (Did I mention lingerie is ridiculously expensive?)
Now…. how to choose just one outfit for Valentines Day?

And by the way, as a result of this research, my boyfriend can’t wait for Monday!
I highly recommend going lingerie shopping to make V-Day memorable, if only to come home with the pink box! Anticipation is everything!

2010 Naughty List: LA Board of Supervisors and LA City Council

Our City Council and Board of Supervisors have definitely been naughty.

It seems to me that when the majority of people in a city and a state vote to support something, even create a new law to facilitate it, that should be reflected in the way politicians vote. The majority of voters should be respected. Even when a politician doesn’t personally agree… if the majority of their constituents vote for something, they should support that.

But that apparently isn’t the way our City Council or Board of Supervisors feel when it comes to lots of issues, most specifically lately, making easy to use guidelines for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in Los Angeles.
Their point of view seems to be “*#*#!! the people! (Even the voters who chose them to run the city) We know what’s best for our city, we don’t have listen to our constituents!”
Two weeks ago, the LA Board of Supervisors voted to make ALL Medical Marijuana Dispensaries illegal in the unincorporated areas of LA (out of the city, but in the county). And earlier this year, the LA City Council created laws for dispensaries to operate that are so onerous and so difficult to abide by, that virtually all dispensaries would have to close.

Now I’m sure that was their intention, but really…. Why fight progress? Why not make easy to understand, supportive laws that create a great tax base for this city, create jobs and follow the lead of the people?

The people of this city clearly want safe, easy to use facilities that give them access to their medicinal marijuana. They don’t want to have to go out to the street to buy their medicine. They don’t want to engage in black market dealing.

But these laws are designed to make it hard for ANYONE, even the most scrupulous, by-the-books non-profit, to keep their doors open. I like to think of Los Angeles as a progressive city… but it seems we are going backwards.

So even though in 1996, 56% of the people of this state voted to make medical marijuana legal, our City Council and Board of Supervisors are making it virtually impossible for people to have safe access. Shame on all of you!

Green Flash Lights up the Sky

Whoa! Super crazy visual just now in the sky. I was just walking the dog 15 minutes ago (about 12:10 am) and I glanced up at the sky to see a HUGE green ball of fire drop straight down from the sky over LA. I’m up in the hills, so I got a great view. I suppose it was a meteorite, very bright, with a long tail, lasted about three seconds. It dropped straight down, rather than across the sky. And it was definitely green!

The weird thing is that about six months ago, I was driving down from San Francisco and was on the 5 in the middle of the state, seriously in the middle of nowhere, and saw something really similar. It was so big and bright that I was sure it had to be a big news event, but try as I might to find out what it was the next day, I didn’t read a single thing about it. Then a couple of weeks later a friend who lives out in the country outside of Santa Barbara told me he had seen the very same image that night at the same time. Both of these were almost too big to be a simple falling star or even any meteor I’ve ever seen!
Did anyone else see this amazing green flash light up the sky last night?

Shred it in West Hollywood

Okay. I admit it. I’m lazy and I really hate recycling. I occasionally yearn for that carefree time when I could just toss my trash with abandon into the garbage can and not think about it. But those days are gone forever and now I compost, sort my paper and plastic and even worry about throwing light-bulbs away. So I was happy to see the West Hollywood event for “Free Document Shredding and Electronic Waste Collection” this Saturday, November 13th.
It’s from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the parking lot of West Hollywood City Hall, 8300 Santa Monica Boulevard. You can unload televisions, laptops, DVD players, fax machines, telephones, radios, monitors, cell phones, stereos, keyboards, microwaves, printers, computers, VCR players, scanners, whew! and more. And by going, you can let go of all that guilt for polluting the environment when you dump stuff like that in the trash.

Document shredding is “secure” which means that the shredding is done at the collection site. You can even watch your stuff get shredded if you like that sort of thing!

Hide Your Silly String Tonight!

There is ONE thing me and the Teabaggers agree on…. there’s to many silly damn laws!  And here’s one that gets me every Halloween when the signs go up in Hollywood: No Silly String allowed in Hollywood on All Hallow’s Eve!  If you want to get crazy with the string… better do it elsewhere, or you might end up in the slammer!

C’mon, how’s a witch gonna make mischief without here can o’ string? I know, I know, it’s a bitch to clean up, but so are the streets after Mardi Gras. People gotta let loose!

Have a wild night everyone!

Win Stone Temple Pilot Tickets

Stone Temple Pilots are BACK!  And they look hotter and sound better than ever!

Yeah, they’ve all been in other bands,  made lots of crazy career choices… but they’re running hot again and are touring with a mix of new music and serious hits.

If you’re a fan, and want to see them this Friday night, October 29th at the Nokia Theater, you’re in luck.  We’re giving away one pair of tickets to the best comment that captures the band’s style… and what they mean to you. Tell us why you love these guys and your ticket is on us!  Don’t hold back. Most captivating story wins.

And if you don’t win… but still want to catch a great show, you can grab tickets here.

Check it: Win Kruder & Dorfmeister Tickets

It’s easy to categorize music. And some (ummm, okay, less enlightened types…) might say Kruder and Dormeister are ‘dance music’ stars. Ha!… We know they are so much more!
Together, they blend, twist, experiment and enchant as no other producers do. They are one of the few who take notes into whole new forms. They harness tribal beats and split them up, coax you into a sweet mood late in the night and then blast a jolt of lightning into the aural mix. It’s sweet and damned exciting.

They are not to be missed.

I’m stoked they are gracing our beloved city this Friday night at Club Nokia. I’ll definitely be there groovin’ along with many others in the know.

If you want to hang for free and get your musical world rocked, tell me what Kruder and Dorfmeister means to you. And why you should be one of the chosen ones. We’re giving away four pairs of tickets. Get your thoughts into the comments below and we’ll pick four of the most worthy (or most entertaining) ones to attend the show. And if you miss the giveaway, you can always score tickets here.

Menu Mining: Chilaquiles at Hugo’s

I try.  I really do.  Every time I go to Hugo’s in West Hollywood for breakfast, I try and order something other than the addictive Chilaquiles.  They have an amazing dish, “Pasta Mama” which I always urge my friends to order so I can have a bite or two…. it’s super delish.  Or the Green Tamales with eggs.  Or the enticing Eggs Benedict.  They are always amazing.

But I always go back.  Like a lover you just can’t leave, even though you KNOW they might be bad for you…the whomp of caloric intake is waaay more than you need…. mmm. Chilaquiles. Yummy! Just tastes so good!

The sweet first taste of the soft eggs with the perfect crunch of tortilla’s smothered with chipotle sauce and onions.  Slightly crispy, endearingly soft.  Like a lover’s caress, hard to resist!

I first went to Hugo’s 27 years ago when I was a production assistant.  I was in charge of taking a crew of 20 Rock n’ Roller type guys fresh off the plane from London to breakfast. We hit Hugo’s and from then on the crew refused to go anywhere else. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. We were there. Back then it was a butcher shop/combo deli/ restaurant. They made the most amazing fresh rolls topped with butter right out of the oven. Again, hard to resist.

These days it’s still a family owned restaurant with the son and some his friends running it and the one in the valley. And if you go, don’t miss this dish. It may not look like much, but wait til the first bite! You won’t look back.

Win Michael Franti Tickets!!

I’ve seen Michael Franti in concert once before and he blew me away.  You can see him this Wednesday night cuz we’re giving away four pairs of tickets to his performance at Club Nokia on September 22nd.  His music, a blend of reggae, hip-hop, jazz and rock blends so many genres, that it emerges as a style all his own.

His performance has so much energy, that you end up dancing, moving and just in general having a great time.  While he’s known for his ballads on peace and freedom, he also has a style that is just down with feeling good.

If you want to win tickets, just give us your version of why Michael wears no shoes! If you don’t win… just go here to nab a ticket… it’s well worth it!

Kathleen Madigan is Funny! Win Tickets!

What’s on your agenda this weekend? Me?  I could use a good laugh, always gets me going.   If that’s up your alley, check out Kathleen Madigan at Club Nokia this Saturday night at 8PM.  And if you really want to feel good, you can win a pair of tickets just by telling a good joke worthy of sharing with the world, or simply a funny story or anecdote.  (don’t worry if it’s not original, just make it funny!)

Kathleen is a stand-up comic… and a hilarious one at that.  She’s been on Jay Leno, tours constantly all over the US and has been a big hit on youtube.  Her particular brand of humor uses everyday life to poke fun of our eccentric, mundane human behavior.  She’s from the Mid-West, super accessible and then veers into outrageous antics.  Fun.

Sooooo, if you want to see her you can either buy tickets here, or in the comments section below, tell a good joke or funny experience.  The humor department here at will choose four lucky people for a pair of tickets each.  But hurry, the contest closes in 18 hours (Friday at 11 AMish) and we need a laugh!  Don’t forget to put your real email address in when you register (it won’t be published) so we can contact you if you win!

L.A.’S Greatest Landmarks: Chateau Marmont

No doubt, the Chateau Marmont looks, smells and feels like Hollywood.  You enter and are immediately swept up in a sort of old world, yet infinitely hip glamor. Every time I’ve gone there, whether it was for a languid drink, writing an interview, meeting a friend staying there for some pool action, or doing some sort of casting session, I’ve felt like I was in a movie myself. It definitely has it’s own mysterious magic.

Built in 1927, and modeled after a castle in the Loire Valley of France, it exudes a combination of mystery, naughtiness and serene beauty. It’s a famous hideaway for celebrities and bon vivants, shysters and artists. From the lobby, with it’s sweeping ceilings and intimate, nice living room areas, to it’s pool dappled with light, it’s breathtakingly beautiful and tawdry at the same time.
My first encounter there, years and years ago, was at a wild Friday night party, hosted by a gangsterish pretty boy from New Jersey. He had dreams of moving to California and financing movies….. starring himself. He rented the penthouse overlooking Sunset Boulevard and proceeded to throw one of the most debaucherous parties I have ever attended (before or since!). It involved many magnums of champagne, various illegal substances and before the night was over, at least two aspiring starlets had whipped off their tops to compare boob jobs. There was a vote. The winner took all. Later, as the sun was rising, the party ended with skinny dipping at the pool. Croissants never tasted so good.

More recently, I went there for dinner out in the garden with my honey Dan. It was dreamily sensual, amazing food, sun setting into candle-lit darkness. Quite stunning. Still delivered mightily in the glamor department.
The place definitely has Hollywood history. Greta Garbo holed up there, not leaving her room for days at a time, Helmut Newton hit the wall of the entrance and tragically died there. John Belushi kicked the bucket in one of the bungalows. Britney Spears is reportedly banned from the place for bad behavior… the list is endless. From the time it opened to today, it’s been a star magnet.  Some say the Eagles, “Hotel California” is actually the Chateau Marmont.  And like the perfect movie star, it never seems to age, always living up to it’s legend!

Win Tickets to Matisyahu at Club Nokia

Okay, he’s a reggae rock star, he’s a Hasidic jew… Hmmmm….does that mean he smokes kosher pot?
If you want to win tickets to see Matisyahu on Sunday, August 15th at Club Nokia… and we’re giving away four pairs… tell us why Reggae music and Judaisms hazzan style of music is an absolute perfect mix! We’ll use a panel of esteemed judges (ahem) to pick the four most heartfelt, or maybe just plain the four most entertaining answers to get the tickets. And remember, put an email that we can reach you at, so if you win we can notify you! (Your email will be hidden from public view….)

And don’t hold back, dig deep, it’s not often you get a guy who can mix it up with beat boxing, reggae, Jewish soul singing and jazz scat.  All I know is that he’s one extraordinarily talented guy who’s pretty deep, if not down right mystical!

And if you don’t win the tickets, check him out anyway.  He’s a great performer!

L.A.’s Greatest Landmarks: Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard…. The day I landed in Hollywood, just seeing the sign on the street sparked visions of entertainment, glamor and  fame. I was a very impressionable 20 year old filmmaker and I was  absolutely in love with this city.  Sunset Boulevard was smack dab in the middle of where I wanted to be.

It had it all:  Fame, celebrity, wild nights where anything could happen, gritty rock n’ roll… yes and sex, drugs and and and….yet there was also a dignity about it’s winding streets that led to the ocean.  It could be a lady and get dirty too.  I liked that.

So I rented a charming bungalow  just off the Strip in West Hollywood so that maybe, just maybe, some of all’ that’ could rub off on me.

And some of it did.  But like all fascinating women, (and Sunset Boulevard seems to me to be female in form) beneath the facade and glitzy make-up, lies her true depth and meaning..  Meandering 24 miles throughout a good part of Los Angeles, Sunset Boulevard is much more than the strip!

Put the top down, or at least open your windows for this part of the ride….

It all starts at the Pacific Ocean, giving you a taste of the wildness, of nature… and of the newly redone Gladstone’s Fish.  The boulevard winds up from the sand through the Pacific Palisades, past Will Rogers State Park, which by the way, was where Will Rogers lived in the 30’s.  He pretty much owned all of Pacific Palisades.  Eucualyptus sways in the breeze, and if it’s a Sunday between April and October, you can picnic in the park and watch the Polo players stampede around on their horses.

As we glide through Bel-Air, Century City and into Beverly Hills, Sunset Boulevard gets slightly more urbane.  We’re in the city now, granted a ritzy part of it, but we’ve arrived.  The Beverly Hills Hotel sits off it like an icon.  The pool and the Polo lounge a hot bed of industry activity back in the day and it’s not so shabby now, either.  Perfect martini’s.  And the Coffee Shop is not so bad either!  The “Hotel” as it’s called by locals, was the album cover and muse for the Eagles, “Hotel California”.

Meandering east on this winding road, we hit West Hollywood.  this mile and a half strip is home to the infamous Roxy, Whiskey A-Go-Go (now just the Whiskey) and the Viper Room. Best experienced at night, the lights beckon with promise of music.  The club legacy of this area goes way back, first to underground speakeasy’s in the 20’s then in the 30’s it was home to The Trocadero and Ciro’s, watering holes of Hollywood’s finest.  By the sixties she had gotten a bit down on her heels, but that suited the defiant rock and rollers just fine.  The Doors, Joni Mitchell, Van Halen… all played at the Whiskey.  It got it’s name when a DJ danced behind some bars and the patrons thought it was part of the act…. sexy go-go dancers were born and the rest is history!  Sunset Boulevard reflected the hippies of that era… and the boulevard seems to do that over and over.  Capturing what is happening on the street, defining a moment.

Sunset Boulevard then weaves into Hollywood proper, where the traffic usually gets a little more congested.  As a street, if you hit it just right, Sunset is wonderful.  You can sometimes whizz across town in a heartbeat.  Just not in rush hour traffic.

Sunset and Vine is the famous street corner, and with all the new clubs, restaurants, condos and boutiques now in Hollywood, it’s hot.  The Arclight is on one corner, the ONLY place to see a movie in my opinion and right across the street is “The Hungry Cat”.  One of the consistently best spots for a fabulous drink and some perfect eats.  Always a winner.  If you love music, Amoeba records is right there… and DJ’s beware, you can definitely get lost in there!

As the boulevard moves on, Silverlake appears, hot, hungry and forever cutting edge.  Sunset Junction is where Sunset and Santa Monica join together, and the corner houses Intelligentsia, (okay as much as I wanted to hate them… they DO have the best coffee in LA)  one of the best flower shops in LA, a great cheese store and a french restaurant.

As you wind east, Sunset now officially ends downtown at Figueroa.  It used to extend all the way to Alameda, near Union Station, but was renamed Cesar Chavez Boulevard around ten years ago.

All in all, Sunset Boulevard is a grande old dame.  An icon of Tinseltown, a wonderful working street, it passes through every type of neighborhood giving you a perfect snapshot of LA, now and then.