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Surf Report 6/12 – Fun but fading


As you can tell from the pic, it was pretty crowded this morning. But the conditions were clean and there were a lot of shoulders and corners and stuff like that for everyone. The swell is dying. By the weekend it might be dead — just like Tony Soprano. See what I did there? The water’s getting warmer too.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

Pixelodeon: Hugs not drugs

As Sean mentioned in an earlier post, a few of us are at Pixelodeon today. One of the presenters at the festival, Roxanne Darling, vlogged this morning about arriving at LAX and running into a woman offering free hugs. Check it out here. I always wondered what happened to the Hare Krishnas. Now I know they were run out of the terminal by hug thugs. Must’ve been some turf war.

Surf Report 6/8 – What drought?


This report should be news to no one, since all of you were in the water with me this morning. Good weather + Friday + two prior days of good surf = Surfer Convention 2007. The waves were inconsistent, since it’s now mostly windswell that we’re relying upon, but people weren’t sitting around too much. This weekend is supposed to be weak at west facing beaches and decent at south facing beaches. Since we’re in a drought anyway, grab your board and let the ocean be your shower. That way we’ll all be caked with salt and smell like ass together.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

Surf Report 6/6 – Spring suit weather on its way


The tide was so low this morning you could practically walk out past the breaks. Tons of surfers in the water looking curiously at the sky. After several mornings of a June gloom cloud layer, we all forgot what the center of the univese looked like. The waves were waist to chest high and, despite growing onshore winds, held a good shape. Lots of fun. If you have access to a west-facing beach, tomorrow should be just as fun. South-facing beaches should be good this weekend. If you go to an east-facing beach, you will be in China.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

Surf Report 5/29 –


It was 2-4 foot, rapid, closing out, etc. The current was very strong and indecisive. One minute it’s pushing you right, then it’s sucking you out to sea, then it’s pushing you down when you wipeout. The people who created the “undeclared” major for undergrads created this current. Later, there was a pool of blood by the outdoor showers because a guy gashed his head on his fin. That kind of sucked. I’ve read that 30% of all surfing injuries are lacerations from fins. I’ve also read that at least 0.0001% of surfers (me) have no idea why these fins have to be sharper than Ginzus. Sharp is good for speed, but I’m not trying to separate frozen meat patties for the BBQ.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

Surf Report 5/27 – Mush Muscles Military Msurfcamps


Waist-high, inconsistent, a little mushy, but fun. Sharing your homebreak with only two other surfers despite a holiday weekend? More fun. Looks like they’re setting up Venice boardwalk for a weight-lifting competition. Also, the Army, Navy, and Marines set up recruiting booths. Didn’t see the Air Force there. Maybe they’re busy in Colorado Springs harassing Jews. On the jog home, I saw a bunch of flyers for surfcamps sponsored by Quiksilver. If you want to take surf lessons, check out some of these surf camp providers. Though some cater only to kids and teens, they also probably have programs or private lessons for adults as well. At least they can point you in the right direction. More info here.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

OR….California State Senate recognizes Electoral College as elitist anachronism

I understand why my fellow’r feels an attempt by the State Senate to shut down the Electoral College is lame. On the surface, the bill seems like a violation of the Constitution (it isn’t). And besides, the Senator carrying the bill got into an embarrassingly ironic car accident (though the bizarre details of that accident were left out). But don’t kill the traffic-weaving messenger. The Electoral College is stupid because when you vote for a President, you’re actually voting for an elector, and that elector doesn’t have to vote the way you asked him/her to vote. Why does that make sense? And before you say “because we live in a representative democracy,” can you tell me who your electors are? What are their names? Why isn’t it that information just a click away?
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Surf Report 5/24 – Fade away fade away fade away


Look at this kid tearing it up out there! Ah, to be 20 pounds again, like a human floatie. It was small but fun this morning. The swell is definitely losing some energy. But that didn’t stop a ton of people from getting into the water at first light. On the shore there was a large exercise group dressed in matching grey sweats doing one of those boot camp programs. With all of our military and National Guard in Iraq, I’m glad at least these people — accountants, entertainment execs, accountants — are still here to protect us.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

Surf Report 5/22 – Baby bumps


After almost two weeks of bummed-out reports and general malaise regarding how flat it’s been lately, today wasn’t so terrible. Fine, it was three foot at the most, but that’s 3 foot more than yesterday, and way better than sitting on your ass. Beginners: the waves are perfect for you right now. They’re small and gentle. For others, from the photos and reports it looks like west-facing beaches have something to play with today. Not much, but something. You have enough time to squeeze in an afternoon session since the sun never seems to go away these days. Stormsurf says things should pick up throughout the week thanks to a New Zealand swell, so find a Kiwi and kiss them a lot.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

Venice Art Walk


The Venice Art Walk is this weekend, or as my neighbors like to call it, the “don’t even think of trying to park here on Saturday and Sunday” day. If you’re unfamiliar, this is an annual event where local artists open up their studios for you to come and view their working conditions and, of course, their work — especially if it’s for sale. Art events like this are always a mixed bag, but it does get the neighbors out of their apartments/houses/”lofts” so you can see what they look like this year. It’s $50 to do the Art Walk. I wish they had a $25 option for those willing to run. All the money benefits Venice Family Clinic, which is one of the rare (and large) free clinics in Los Angeles. If the price pinches, skip the walk and just show up for Sunday’s outdoor “Food Faire” (the “e” at the end means it’s either fancy or a place to find a Sbarro). I’m going this year hoping to find a shirt I once saw someone wearing. It said “Venice: Where Art Meets Crime.”

NO Surf Report 5/18

It’s always strange to see the ocean acting so lazy when just a few months ago it was really busy spanking all that entered. It has been flat all week. Not even longboards were helpful catching the inconsistent and micro shorebreaks. There was some hope that a storm from the South Pacific would bring some waves by mid week, but Tahiti had to get in the way and break up the party. Surf forecasters are saying next week should be better.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

Surf Report 5/10 – Ocean acting like lake, kind of


There’ve been no surf reports this week because there was nothing to report. It’s pretty flat out there. Went out this morning to at least get in a good paddle. Was suprised to find it wasn’t completely worthless. The waves were small, but every now and then there’d be something decent. If you’ve got a longboard, or if you’re a quarter of the size of your shortboard, you might have some luck.

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

It’s hard out here for a Pinkberry


On my jog this morning I discovered a new Pinkberry franchise being built at the corner of Abbott Kinney and California in Venice. I’ve given their yogurt a try. It was good enough I guess. Thousands of parking tickets can’t be wrong. But is it truly frozen yogurt? One “health conscious guy” who swears he has “no affiliiation to any Pinkberry competitor” doesn’t think so, and is suing…to force Pinkberry to disclose their recipe. Read more here. Sounds like a sneaky way to steal company secrets. Either way, it’s pretty lame. It’s as lame as the redundant “TCBY Yogurt” signage they had up for awhile. Sucks to be Pinkberry right now. This frivolous lawsuit might explain why your Pinkberry tastes extra tart these days.

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Surf Report 5/5 – Staying calm when dolphins attack


Good day to go out this morning, and probably tomorrow as well. The waves are chest to shoulder high at west-facing beaches like Venice. There were about 15 guys out, and at least 3 dolphins. It’s nice to see dolphins (assuming they’re not in heat). It reassures you that you’re not surfing in a cesspool. At least not today. And sometimes they put on a show. I’d just paddled out when the dolphins started breaching the water to do Chinese acrobatics. At one point, I was less than 50 feet away from two dolphins breaching like missiles heading straight for me. Yes, it was awesome, but it’s also freaky as hell to have Flipper look like he’s about to go Scud on you. This is a long way to say staying calm in the water is very important. Later in my session, I got held under for a little longer than I expected and my lungs started burning. This happens often, especially as the surf gets bigger. They always tell you to stay calm when you’re held under. I bet it’s also smart to work on increasing your lung capacity so you can hold your breath longer. Even if you don’t surf, this is a good skill to have. Especially if you find yourself in line at Ralphs behind a heavily perfumed metrosexual .

Photo of today’s surf reposted with permission from Swellmagnet.

L.A.’s air dissed once again

In what has become an annual tradition, the American Lung Association has once again announced Los Angeles gets an “A” for having “F” quality air. Plugging in an L.A. zip code on their website allows one to get a full report on just how many orange, red and purple “ozone days” we had last year. I have no idea what those colors mean, but the order definitely implies an increasingly pissed off ozone. To help combat our poor air quality, doctors have announced that yoga boosts your immune system to help fight cancer. So maybe now’s the time to join the local yoga industrial complex. If we want to live in LA and avoid black lung, it appears we should always be in downward facing dog.