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All’s Wells that ends well.

Interesting little tidbit in a Boston Globe story, Sox in hunt for Tejada. While the Padres and Dodgers have been reported as the most likely ‘landing spots’ for pitcher David Wells, there were indications the last couple of days that Arizona, having cleared Troy Glaus’s contract off the books, might pursue Wells. No idea what those ‘indications’ were, and pursuit does not equal probability.

While having Wells in our rotation would be intriguing, my fear is two-fold: first, his 43-year-old, 250-pound body’s recent problems; and second, what we would be giving up to get him. And as far as Boston players go, I still have unrealistic dreams about a certain outfielder.

However, I’m expecting Jeff Weaver to get re-signed any day now, which would lessen the need for Wells. Our rotation would be something like:

* Brad Penny
* Jeff Weaver
* Odalis Perez (assuming he’s not out the door)
* Derek Lowe
* Brett Tomko

Which is not too shabby.

Oh, and a “See ya!” to ex-Dodger reliever Gio Carrara, who has signed with the Pirates, joining his old manager, Jim Tracy.

Who’s on first?

Today at 2 PM, the Dodgers are holding a news conference to announce the signing of Nomar Garciaparra — five-time all star, former Red Sox and Cubs shortstop. And while he’s been injury plagued the past couple of years, the signing of a big-name player (and hometown boy) by the Dodgers is just the latest in a series of recent moves that have done nothing less than reinvent the team.

Speaking of injury-plagued, the Dodgers last season suffered from a crazy series of problems that had us fielding what amounted to a AAA team most of the year. Will it happen again this year? You’ll excuse us Dodgers fans if we’re a little freaked out and gunshy.

Only one thing’s for sure — with the purging of the managerial and coaching staff, all the new signings, not to mention the trading of Milton Bradley, this is a brand-new team. And from all indications, we aren’t done. Reports are we’re signing CF Kenny Lofton today as well. Assuming that’s true, here’s our (likely) starting lineup…
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Captain, there be feeds here!

Following up on my recent posts about the lack of LA Times RSS feeds, I’d like to point out that the Times has now added a whole spate of ’em. Good on ya, and thanks! Of course, you will probably need to be registered and logged in to get to the actual articles from the summaries, but one thing at a time, eh? ;)

And not to be left out, the Times has also begun podcasting to go along with their blogs. Next thing you know, the Times is going to start dating other newspapers. They grow up so fast, don’t they? ;D

freedom, style, sex, power and motion

von dutch energy drink This is the sort of thing that makes me want to move to the woods with nothing more than a fishing pole and a copy of Walden. (Click for larger picture.)

Note the “freedom, style, sex, power and motion” slogan emblazoned near the top. How do I get those things by buying this product? Maybe it has something to do with what’s in the Von Dutch Energy Drink. What’s in it, you ask? No fucking idea, but it’s a “high octane blend of vitamins and natural stimulants”. Oh, and one of its selling points is that the “unique, innovative” 16-ounce can is “twice as big as your average energy drink to give you a turbo-boost of energy, stamina, and mental-alertness.” Whoo.

The press release offers the real story:

With rapid worldwide growth and the continual expansion of its consumer base, consisting of young, hip trendsetters, whose ages range from late teens to mid-thirties, Von Dutch Originals is poised to make an impact on the energy beverage category. The 16oz can, along with bold artwork and a proven moniker, will undoubtedly help the Von Dutch Energy Drink to stand out on retail shelves.

And by “trendsetters” we mean “crazy people with more money than sense who will buy freakin’ anything with our logo, thus proclaiming their individuality just like everybody else.” In other words, the Uggs of the energy drink market.

Blue Moves and Rumors of Moves

Apparently the Dodgers weren’t done after signing their new manager. That this fact is a pleasant surprise is the very definition of bittersweet. ;) However, the next bit of good news is that (according to an email release) infielder Rafael Furcal is now a Dodger. He’ll most likely step into the shortstop spot vacated by Cesar Izturis, who is out until at least the All-Star Break recovering from surgery. Once Little Cesar is back, Rafael could move to second, and Jeff Kent to first.

Anyhow, there are naturally other rumors, including Nomar Garciaparra to play third and Manny Ramirez — an interesting if unlikely rumor that has the added bonus of being an article, although it’s been much more widely speculated he’s headed to Lanaheim. Others include Alfonso Soriano from the Rangers (headed to the Nationals) and even David Wells.

I will be, yes, pleasantly surprised if any of those work out. I will be especially shocked if we manage to get some really decent starting pitching.

“Tied to me tight tie me up again”

It’s not bad enough all the stupid drivers on the road narrowly missing you every day — there’s also folks *trying* to hit you.

Twenty-three people have been arrested for allegedly participating in an insurance fraud ring that staged more than 60 auto collisions on Southern California freeways and bilked about $3 million from insurers, officials said Wednesday.

A seven-month investigation led to the arrest of Huntington Park lawyer Bernard Laufer, 52, as the alleged ringleader, said state Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi. Laufer, taken into custody Tuesday, faces charges of insurance fraud, grand theft and conspiracy.

The investigation continues and more arrests likely will be made, Garamendi said. The probe is looking into doctors and chiropractors who may have been involved in the scam.

Los Angeles Angels of _______ ?

Well, it seems as if the all the fan complaints, not to mention the legal wrangling with the city of Anaheim, have finally talked some sense into Arte Moreno about the whole Los Angeles Angels name thing. He’ll be changing it back to the normal name very soon…

…if by ‘talked some sense into’ you mean ’caused more insane stupidity to arise’ and by ‘changing it back to the normal name’ you mean ‘threatening to pack up the team and relocate to another city.’

LA Times story.

Los Angeles Angels of Las Vegas anybody?

*cough* We’re number one! *cough hack snort*

This was actually reported on the newswires some days ago, but apparently Los Angeles has regained its supremacy in one particular area: Smog Capital of the US, even though our air was actually cleaner this year than last. Much like Rafael Palmeiro reaching 3000 hits or, say, Barry Bonds’s entire career, there is an asterisk next to this less than happy milestone — the rules by which these things are measured were changed this year.

Meet the New Dodgers GM

You know that icky feeling you get when you bite down on some aluminum foil? This is kind of the same thing, although for all I know he’s a really nice guy. Well, you know, he is…er, was… just a Giant. Eewwwww!

Dodgers tab Colletti as new GM

LOS ANGELES — The Dodgers raided the front office of the archrival San Francisco Giants on Tuesday by hiring Ned Colletti as general manager.

Colletti, 50, has been vice president and assistant general manager to Giants GM Brian Sabean for the past nine seasons. Granted broad authority by Sabean, Colletti’s duties have included assisting in the acquisition of players, overseeing waiver and rule compliance, formulating salary arbitration cases and managing roster payroll.

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt will introduce Colletti as the Dodgers’ GM at a press conference scheduled for 9 a.m. PT Wednesday.

Now if we just had a manager and coaching staff. Oh, and a new center fielder. And left fielder. And firstbaseman. And some new starting pitchers….

LA Vikings? Anaheim Jaguars?

With all the spittle-splashing energy of, say, a pack of rabid ferrets, the sports wires are abuzz with the possibility of not one, but two football teams coming to Los Angeles. Whether those teams are existing franchises or not is anybody’s guess — owners like to use moving their teams here as a threat to wrest concessions from their cities — apparently one of them would be at the Coliseum and the other would be in a new stadium down in Los Orangeles, in the Angel Stadium parking lot.

The Saints are the most-rumored team coming here, of course, but now San Antonio has adopted them so if they do move it might not be here after all. Other rumors have the Jacksonville and Minnesota teams on their way soon — Anaheim Jaguars anybody? And considering how well the last Minnesota pro team moving here went, I’d say the Los Angeles Vikings has a certain ring to it. ;D