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Holiday Lights

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Griffith Park Lights Festival (or don’t feel like dealing with the traffic), you can watch a short, video version on the L.A. Times Christmas page.

This is my first L.A. winter. I love not having to worry about icy roads or bundle up every time I leave the house, but I did get a little weirded out this afternoon when I was walking to the bank in a T-shirt and I passed a parking lot full of Christmas trees.

I wish I could stay here and experience the kind of Christmas in that Corona commercial with the palm tree, but tomorrow I head back east for a few weeks of snow and ice and family. Cold weather is always hard for me to deal with, but at least this time I’ll know it’s only temporary, and that I already have a plane ticket back to this magic land of sunshine and palm trees.

Underwater photos

gayribisi.jpgI’m not much of an art critic, but earlier tonight I went to the opening of a photography exhibit that was, uh, freakin’ awesome.

Gay Ribisi takes underwater portraits in her swimming pool (of things like a girl writing in her journal), and the results feel futuristic and floaty and magical. My photo of a photo does not do the show justice — they are really amazing. If you’re going to be anywhere near Gallery Saint Germain before December 19th, I strongly recommend checking out this exhibit. It makes me wish I had a place to put one of those photos, and the money to bring it home.

If you go to her website and click on “Press” you can watch a short video about her work.

Bad little freelancer

lariots.jpgTonight, even though I had giant piles of work at home, I went out to see my favorite local band, the L.A. Riots. They were at King King, which I liked because it has a nice high ceiling. Maybe it’s because I’m tall or something, but I handle crowded places much better if the ceiling is far away. Even if I can’t go stand in that empty space above me, at least it’s there.

Party in the Park

zoopinata.jpgToday was my first time hanging out in Griffith Park. A friend of a friend was having a birthday party (which turned into an engagement party) at the site of the old L.A. Zoo. According to a sign, the stone enclosures were built in the 1930s to house bears, lions, monkeys and lots of other animals. Now, they have barbecue grills and picnic tables instead.

I got to watch little kids beat the crap out of that blue piñata, and participate in my first ever potato sack race. It sounded so old-fashioned until I heard that the hosts couldn’t find potato sacks anywhere locally and had to buy them online.

The Heat is On

A follow up on my earlier “it’s so cold here” post:

I love L.A! The Gas Company sent a cute, young guy who majored in film at CalArts to light the pilot light in my heater. It seems that lighting pilot lights is currently paying more than his animation work. Luckily, I have a really junky old heater so it took a long time for him to get it working.

If only I had bothered to put on some clean clothes, or put in my contacts, or brush my hair this morning. Argh. The next time a utility needs repairing, I’ll be sure to look my best before I answer the door.

Feeling kind of dumb (and cold)

When I moved to L.A. in May, I was under the impression that the coldest it ever got here was maybe about 70 degrees. I think I got this idea from years of watching California TV shows — nobody ever looked cold on 90210 or Melrose Place or The O.C. — and because there are palm trees everywhere (I thought they only grew in places that were really warm all year) and because when I visited L.A. last February, it was 13 degrees in New York and 70 here. I told everyone back home that I wanted to move to L.A. so I could wear tube tops and flip flops year round. I guess they were all under the same mistaken impression about L.A.’s weather, because nobody bothered to correct me.

I do love it here, in my cute little apartment with a swimming pool. But instead of the “summer all year” weather I was expecting, it’s in the 30s at night and 50s during the day, and the gas person isn’t coming to light the pilot light in my heater until Wednesday. Instead of tube tops and flip flops, I’m wearing lots of layers and piling extra blankets on the bed. What’s next? Is it going to snow or something?