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Frosty the Snow Wig

I found this lovely wig in a store window on Hollywood Boulevard this morning, somewhere between Highland and Vine. How cute is that little guy?! If I had white hair, I would knit a tiny scarf and sculpt a snowman hairstyle of my own. (Click for a larger version.)


So long, salon…

frenchys120805.jpgMaybe it’s eyebrow waxing day on the blog? This afternoon, I visited Frenchy’s Beauty Parlor in Burbank, because I wanted one last haircut (and eyebrow waxing) before I move away next week. As you can see in the photos on their website, Frenchy’s is supercute and retro, with lots of pink decor. I like the friendly salon people and the scent of Aveda products in the air, but my favorite thing about this place is the view of the ceiling as they wash my hair. Normally I hate popcorn ceilings, because the textured stuff always looks so cheap and dirty, but not the one at Frenchy’s. It’s pale pink with sparkles!

Gr-eat lunch

pokka110605.jpgToday I went to gr/eats for lunch and had some fish tacos that were as colorful as they were delicious. Mmm… If I had a car, or lived within walking distance, I would be there all the time.

Aside from the tasty tacos, the highlight of the trip was when my friend Dan ordered a Pokka iced coffee, and it came in a can with a cute guy on it.

If a beverage with a hipster dude on it sounds cool to you, take a closer look. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but in the background, he has a whole gang of hipster friends.

Last-Minute Pumpkin

pumpkins103105.jpgI didn’t have anything planned for tonight, but then I talked to my friend Dan on the phone and heard trick-or-treaters in the background. I went over to his apartment for a while to see if any other costumed kids might come by, and it turned out he had an extra pumpkin, so I got to help carve it! I came up with the big-mouthed design on the left in the photo — the sad/angry one was Dan’s creation from earlier in the week.

After pumpkin carving, we ended up watching a PBS Nature special about creatures that suck blood. I’ll probably have nightmares forever about the tiny fish that swam up someone’s urethra, but I have to say, vampire bats are way cuter than they looked in last night’s TV movie.

The weirdest part of the night was when we decided to head over to Re$iduals (no link, because somebody let the domain name expire), where a zombie cowboy served our drinks. Just after we got there, the Saloonatics took the stage. Some of the band members were dressed like Kiss, so I half-expected they’d be a Kiss cover band, but instead they played songs by Matchbox 20, Stone Temple Pilots, and the Goo Goo Dolls. I was disturbed that in most cases I couldn’t name the original bands, but I still remember every bad ’90s lyric. I wish something more important was taking up that space in my brain.

Weird name, tasty puff

beardpapa.jpgA friend of mine returned from a NYC trip earlier this week raving about the miracle that is Beard Papa cream puffs. Since I was out of town earlier in the month, I had no idea a Beard Papa had opened at Hollywood and Highland until I walked by it earlier today.

After my stressful psychic experience this afternoon, I hoped a cream puff would lighten my mood. With tax, a regular puff is only $1.62, and when I stopped by around 4 p.m., there were only a few people in line. I’m not sure a cream puff alone is worth dealing with the tourist insanity of the Hollywood and Highland complex, but if you have to head over there for something else, a cream puff will sweeten the journey.

I think my psychic ripped me off

I’m taking a comedy writing class at the Improv Olympic, and part of our first assignment was to do something out of character for ourselves. I’ve been having trouble making decisions lately, so I decided my “out of character” thing would be to go to a psychic for advice.

I had never been to a psychic before, so I picked one at random near Hollywood and Vine, went in and asked for a tarot card reading. The sign outside said they were $20. A few minutes into it, the girl and her assistant started implying I should give them all this money to light nine candles for me. It blew me away that they thought I could afford hundreds of dollars worth of spirit candles until I remembered that I was carrying a shopping bag from BCBG, where I had just purchased a cute, but overpriced, sweater. I didn’t tell them much of anything about myself, so I guess “buys expensive clothes” was all they had to go on, and they ran with it. When it was over, I ended up giving them $60 (way more than I wanted to spend) which covered the reading and something candle related that I didn’t understand.

Aside from feeling seriously uncomfortable with the way they kept trying to get more money out of me, the reading itself was a neat experience. A few of the cards seemed weirdly appropriate to stuff I’ve been dealing with lately. But I think the main thing I learned from my first psychic reading is that strangers (even “psychic” ones) have no idea what I’m like. If I ever decide to get another tarot reading, I’m carrying a bag from the 99 cents store.

Update: I’ve now talked to two friends about this, and both of them had similar experiences at other Hollywood psychics. I guess “give us hundreds of dollars for candles” is a common line. Maybe if they say it to enough people, they get somebody to fall for it once in a while?

Didn’t your mom teach you anything?

On August 15, I became a member of KCRW. I’m not really an NPR person, but once in a while I listen to Morning Becomes Eclectic (mostly because I knew Nic Harcourt a million years ago, back when we both worked at a tiny radio station in upstate New York).

It occurred to me yesterday that it’s two and a half months later, and I still haven’t received any kind of “welcome packet” from them. Today a KCRW envelope came in the mail, and I figured that was it, but no — they just wanted to let me know that if I contributed a few hundred more dollars I could be a KCRW Angel. Asking for more money before they’ve even thanked me for the first donation strikes me as seriously tacky. Anybody know if this is a common practice? Or just bad timing with my subscription?

Friendly advice

holdsteady102005.jpgIf you ever get a group email from a coworker/friend in Pennsylvania that says “my friend is moving to L.A., please be his friend,” consider yourself lucky.

Because all of a sudden, you might have a person who will actually go see Serenity with you, instead of laughing at the preview the way your other friends did. Maybe he will even wait three weeks after the release date, since you had to go out of town for work. And maybe, the night you finally see the movie, your new L.A. friend will say, “My friend’s band is playing, if you want to check that out afterwards.”

And his friend’s band will turn out to be The Hold Steady, and even though you thought you had to pay for your ticket, it will turn out that he is on the list +1. You will get to the Knitting Factory just in time for the band’s totally rockin’ show, and there will be a perfect moment (during the one song you recognize) when you realize that Yes, you might move back to New York in December, but right now, at this moment, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Was that an earthquake?

Nope. I woke up this morning with my bed shaking and the blinds swaying, but after a minute or two, I realized it was lasting a lot longer than a typical quake, and I could hear large machinery in the distance. My street has been a construction site for ages, but while I was out of town they demolished another building, only two lots away. I hope the fake quake was a one-time thing. It’s a disconcerting way to start the day.

I’m only 30, I swear.

101805cost.jpgToday my friend Meredith and I went mallwalking at the Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks. When she first suggested it, I made fun of her for being from New Jersey, but then I agreed to try it out, since there are way too many puddles in our ‘hood to go for a real walk.

I guess you don’t need to be an old lady to enjoy a brisk indoor stroll and some window shopping, but damn, I wish I had a grandchild (or even a dog) to dress in that octopus costume!

Another lovely bit of Halloween attire is after the jump.
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Stuck at home? Watch cable.

My friend just invited me over to watch Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf on her roommate’s big screen TV. It’s airing on Encore at 8 p.m. Could there possibly be a better way to spend a potentially rainy night than watching a movie with this description?

A werewolf expert goes to Transylvania with the brother and the colleague of a werewolf newswoman. Adult Situations; Language; Nudity; Graphic Violence.

Nudity, violence and a werewolf newswoman’s colleague!! I’m leaving right now so I won’t miss the beginning.

Update: The movie was a lot more entertaining than I expected, and to my surprise, it even had some L.A. relevance. The main characters lived here before they took off for Transylvania.


It only sounds dark and scary. The Gothtober website is a collection of 31 days of Internet art, organized by Julianna Parr, the creator of one of my favorite ongoing L.A. events — Craft Night.

A new piece of Flash entertainment launches every day in October, and they’re mostly (if not all) created by Los Angeles artists. I had to check out today’s project, because my friend Dan shot the background of that animation in my swimming pool! I haven’t watched everything yet, but so far other favorites include Day 7’s recipe for a rat-shaped cake and Day 10’s printable templates for constructing a paper hearse. See for yourself…


What kind of idiot calls a fake phone number on a billboard advertising the TV show Boston Legal? Umm… this kind. If you’ve been tempted to dial up James Spader while sitting in a bus shelter or stuck in traffic, staring at one of the many posters around town, I’ll save you the trouble.

If you get through (it was busy the first time I tried, but it seems I will go out of my way to listen to advertising for a show I don’t even watch), you’ll hear the outgoing voicemail message for Crane, Pool and Schmidt, the fictional law firm featured in the show. The girl recording the message is repeatedly interrupted by William Shatner’s character saying things like, “Has anyone ever told you how incredibly beautiful you are?”

The verdict: A complete waste of time. And it’s only about 30 seconds, so that’s saying a lot.

Nano? No.

Last night, I finally decided to buy an iPod nano. I have a little crush on the 4 GB white one, even though Mac products are totally not my type. But I am SO SAD to report that none of the L.A. Apple stores I’ve called have them in stock. If you call, you get a vague recording asking you to stop by and “experience the nano” even though stock is limited. I don’t want to freakin’ experience one! I want to take it home. If you press 5 so a real person picks up, they explain that they do have the 2 GB white ones in stock, but who wants one of those? Normally, I’d just buy the one I want online, but there’s a 5-7 day wait before it’ll even ship.

If anyone has a hot tip on how I can get my hands on a 4 GB white nano in the next few days, please let me know. Maybe I should just be patient, but I’m getting a little Veruca Salt-y… I want it now!

Update: After calling numerous Circuit City, Best Buy, Frye’s, Target, and Melrose Mac stores, I got an email from an awesome reader that said the USC bookstore had “tons of iPod nanos.” I called, and sure enough, they had a 4 GB white one in stock. The following conversation ensued:

Me: “Do you have to be a student to shop there?”
Store guy: “Well, that’s sort of the idea…”
Me: “I’m not a student, but I really want a nano.”
Store guy (reluctantly): “Um… come on over.”

Once I got there, and they rang it up with a student discount, I figured I was about to get booted out of the store for not having a student id. But then I mentioned how I had forgotten to bring my id with me, and everything worked out perfectly.

Okay, I better go feed my new baby some songs…