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Picture Perfect Pedro


Full disclosure, this picture wasn’t taken today, but it’s what I see, or what I wish I’d see, every time I watched the sunset. Catalina, the Pacific Ocean, palm trees accompanied by the scent of anise, sweet and warm grass, and salt air. Also in the air, the mournful sound of peafowl (you know, like peacocks), which, apparently, not everyone likes anymore. How, exactly, such a bird can be “controverisal” is beyond me.

Way down here at the southern tip of this fair city, San Pedro is frequently maligned, dismissed, willfully ignored, or just plain forgotten. Someday soon, however, you beach-craving property hunters will realize we’re the last unexploited bit of coast in these parts and then there’ll go the neighborhood. Until then, however, I offer you the top 5 ways to spend the day in Pedro – since you’re all already thinking about whale-watching – which we got a lot of here – (and before you get here, practice saying “Peeedro” and not “Paydro.”
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