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Frazgo: a recovering Catholic and guilt free for several years now. Married with 3 kids, out in the San Gabriel Valley, and a Los Angeleno BY CHOICE, Frazgo embraces all things LA. He's done time in the corporate cube world and learned to follow the path of greatest curiosity. He's a photographer, the arty kind, and hangs onto the belief that you should buy art to match your soul, not your sofa. Above all he's a humanist and a smart ass.

Jackie Boyz = better than ‘merican idol

Spent the day at the Santa Monica Pier and was very surprised to find a real talent performing on the Pier at the entrance to the arcade area. Set up with your basic boom box and loud speakers was Carlos and Steven Battey, brothers who happen to be very good singers.
Their style is very well done harmony, with music or acapella. Damn they were good. Working a range of songs from the 60’s to current stuff. They packed the pier in when they performed so I can’t be too far off the mark with my praise.
They do have a web presence (I refuse to dignify myspace as a web site) and it can be found at Jackie Boyz for all the info on them and their work.

What the hell is an EMO and other linguistic help

What the hell is a retro EMO? Getting older sucks as the lingo changes and we have to stay on top of it. I mean how the hell is a parent supposed to know EVERYTHING they hear when even Webster’s can’t update fast enough? The answer pal lies in Urban Dictionary and its reader updated pages of the current slang. My teens keep me on my toes, at least I know what I’m hearing with this handly little reference tool.

Where’s my brekkie pal?

This Hawk is one of a nesting pair that has called my street home the last couple of years. Hard to believe I live in one of the biggest metro areas in the country and have all this wildlife cruising through. This particular one sets itself up for the hunt every morning on the utility pole next to my garage. It will sit there for a while then whoosh off for the kill. In another 6 weeks their babes at the top of the tree next door will be learning to fly and hunt and will update you all on that – especially the part where they take their kill to my bird bath to let it rot and soften up what they can’t rip out on the first feeding.

Hey Artists…a venue for you to show

artwalkjpg.jpg It isn’t often that a new artist has a chance to show their work without having to donate a precious gender identifying piece of their body, but there are a few out there. The Monrovia Art Festival Association is a venue only a few artists know about and may be worth your checking out. Monrovia in case you haven’t heard is a growing art and artists community and received recognition for the same in last years Southwest Art magazine.

First big news is that they are looking for artists for this summers Art Walks to be held the evenings of June 30, July 28 and August 25 in the heart of Old Town Monrovia on North Myrtle Avenue. This years events will be tied with Art Events at the local galleries and sponsored in part again by the Old Towne Merchants association. This is a fine art event not to be confused with the Family Festival and its crafty stuff.
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Where’s your Cheap Gas?

Gas prices have dropped a bit but it still hurts to fill up the tank. Red lining as a method of pricing gas happens and no denying it. Gas in Monrovia is sitting uncomfortably at 3.35-3.37/gallon and gets cheaper in the lower income communities to the south and east.
I found Shell Regular in Azusa at the corner of Foothill and Todd kitty corner from the costco at 3.19/gal. Now there’s a deal.
Where do you find your cheap gas? Certainly posting it here is a nice way to share where to get the best deal. I don’t advocate making special trips to save a nickel a gallon, but if you have to be in the area where cheap gas exists go for it!

News from Far East LA….

Don’t shoot the messenger but Orange County is statistically speaking part of the Greater LA Metro Area and it pays to know what’s going on. How I get on some of these mailing lists totally befuddles me, but I share with you to make you think a minute.

Immigration Reform (or Rights depending on your rhetorical point of view) has been a problem for many years. Knowing what the extremes are thinking and doing helps one sift through to find the truth.

I have to thank El Chavo for noting the Indy Media a few weeks back. Its an interesting source that once you understand its agenda you can put into perspective why they report the way they do. Between how they and the established news sources report the news, it makes it easier to see how the mainstream is coming to its opinions. I stop to check to see what BBC is reporting as well for an additional view of our internal politics.

I googled Tancredo and there is so much to digest I’ll leave it to your own curiosity to google and read up on him and his book.

I think I’ll pass on this event…too cheap and not curious enough. Just leave it as its always good to keep your friends close and your enemy’s closer. You decide where this falls in your quest for knowledge.

Cacti are blooming along the bike trail

6%204%2007001.jpgGet your bikes out and head on over to San Gabriel River Bike Trails up in the northern end of the San Gabriel Valley just north or the 210 Freeway.
We didn’t get much rain this year and most of our wild flowers aren’t going to bloom. However…the “beavertail”
cactus are in bud. I spotted my first bloom, and though the lack of rain will affect their first flush it still should be pretty cool by weeks end.

All along the bike trail and the various side trails from Azusa Canyon down to Whittier Narrows there are thousands of cacti in bud. The best spot to catch the trail is off of Foothill Boulevard in Irwindale (Azusa) at the newly remodeled Lario Park.

Ps…this is a pedestrian friendly venue to and you’ll find more than a few of us walking the river every day.

More than a little BRIT different in how we eat and shop

UK Giant Tesco is opening its first “Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market” this fall in my ‘hood, actually in nearby Arcadia at the corner of First and Foothill. I got to experience the “Tesco Express” which is vaugely similar to the “Fresh and Easy” stores in London last Month and was impressed with both the quality and the value for food on the run.

Why is this news or should anyone notice? Plenty of reasons. First off put aside your concerns that this huge retailer has beaten Walmart at its own game in the UK. The “Fresh and Easy” stores are going to redefine how we look at convenience food. The stores will be around 10,000 square feet, bigger than 7-11 and much smaller than the usual grocery store. It will be stocked with the good stuff for quick meals when you are too rushed to cook yourself.

Hmm….Convenience Store News and Forbes have reported that our domestic chains better be ready for this huge change in how we look at convenience food. (I think they need to come up with a better name than convenience as it rings of roach coach grub).

The initial plans are that this is going to be big, in the hundreds of stores very quickly in So Cal, NV and AZ and is even hinted at in Financial Times it could rival the 1,900 stores in the UK.
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Not exactly Wonderbread under our carefully wrapped crust

Check it out, no matter how any community tries to paint a picture as the perfect wonder bread city where all is just peachy, remove the crust and it gets pretty crumby.

Sadly the little victories for the little guy are too often buried and hid away.

We had a pretty terrific police officer in town, Michael Solarez. I met him under a variety of circumstances and always thought highly of him. He suddenly disappeared and no mention was made in the local paper. The only notice we had that something was amiss was an article in the Star News out of Pasadena that he was on medical leave and allegedly bringing claim against the city for discrimination for his sexual orientation.

What the hell, in this day and age AND with a growing gay and lesbian community in Monrovia I was surprised to see the allegations. Not surprised by the initial denial and attempt to besmurch his character as an ineffective police officer, but a little stunned to see it made against him.

Now I see that we have an additional officer bringing suit against the city for racial discrimination. What the hell…if true I hope he breaks the bank.
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Ethnically Incorrect Yard Art liquidation sale

(Yes….click it and make it bigger if you must)
Monrovia’s own Pottery Ranch, in business since the 1940’s and a featured stop for many years on old Route 66 is winding down and liquidating all their stock. At one point they were going to close this summer and sell the land to a developer but that deal fell apart so who know’s what’s going to happen next.
Currently it is 20% off the entire store and they were cheap to start so it just got better! They stock lots of new pottery and stuff. If you dig a little you will even find stuff going back into the 1940’s when the place opened. They also have a ton of fine china including hard to find Port Merion…which made my better half very happy over the years.
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“On the Rocks” goes live in NoHo this weekend


Ruth666 blogged the Happy Hour Theater Group’s fund raiser event a few weeks back here
It was a raging success and they got the cash needed to purchase 4 one act plays and props. The props are a riot and take this in a direction that may well earn its “NC17 rating” given some of the props come from the Pleasure Chest on the Boulevard in good old Studio City. We’re leaving the kidlets home and venturing down into the Valley to see it ourselves the last weekend it runs. The important details:
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