Weekend Shuttle Service from Monrovia Gold Line Station to Old Town starts Friday

shutle posterBig news, and something that will liven up Old Town Monrovia with new faces is the for a buck ride on a shuttle from the Gold Line Station in Station Square to Library Park in the heart of Old Town Monrovia.  From there its an easy walk to the Krikorian Theatre, and a boat load of mid to high end restaurants and bars in Old Town.  The shuttle will run Fridays and Saturdays during prime, 5PM-10PM, time evening fun in Old Town.  The Shuttle will be clearly marked and easy to identify.

The shuttle will start at the Round about by the station platforms and Parking garage in Monrovia’s Station Square and end at Library Park about 10 minutes later.  The fare will be one thin buck and FREE if you have a TAP card.  This sure beats walking, especially when summer hits and its 100+ in the evening still.

Also note, barring rain, Friday nights are “Family Festival” nights in Old Town Monrovia from 5PM-9PM.  Family Fesitval is a Farmers market, flea market and stuff for kids like Pony Rides, petting zoo and bounce houses.  Numerous restaurants have sidewalk dining set up, add in a host of food vendors and live music you have a real party going on.

In the future they hope to expand advertising for the community Dial a Ride program to include passengers at Station Square so those evenings you desperately need happy hour during the week you can still get  into Old Town without a hike.

Full Press Release from City Manager Oliver Chi after the Jump.
Shuttle Service at Station Square

— Message from Oliver Chi —
I have some good news to share! Thanks to the great work by our team in Public Services, we will be operating our Station Square to Old Town Monrovia shuttle service operation beginning this Friday evening! Based on the development of this program, the shuttle service is planned to operate as follows:
§ Operational Days / Times: Every Friday & Saturday – 5:00 p.m. -10:00 p.m.
§ Location: From Station Square (in the bus turnaround on Primrose Avenue) to Library Park / Community Center (drop off on Lime Avenue), and back to Station Square.
§ Frequency: The frequency of the service is anticipated to operate as follows:
shuttle schedule
§ Fee: The fee to ride the service will be $1.00, which is in line with other transit service operations. However, please note… the shuttle service will be FREE upon presentation of any METRO / Foothill Fare media (i.e. Tap Card, Pass, Transfer, etc.).
For the time being, we plan to operate the system pursuant to the schedule frequency as outlined above. However, if we find that the shuttle is a popular service operation and ridership levels indicate a needed adjustment, staff has already looked into and we have developed a plan to enhance the frequency of the operation should the need arise.
Additionally, our Public Services staff has developed some marketing materials for the program, including the following components:
§ Shuttle Sign: We will place a sign near the Gold Line Platform and at the pickup areas to provide information regarding the shuttle operation. Some of these signs will remain out all of the time to advertise for this Friday and Saturday service.
§ Transportation Services: We are also developing mechanisms to advertise our local Dial-A-Ride Service at Station Square for when the shuttle is not in operation.
§ Vehicle Magnets: We are looking to develop magnets that can be placed on our shuttles to brand them as the Station Square to Old Town Monrovia Shuttle.
§ Shuttle Voucher Program: Staff is currently working on a shuttle voucher program which can be distributed to our local businesses, issued at City facilities, etc., which would allow individuals to ride the shuttle service for free.
We are excited about being able to provide this service beginning this week, and if you should have any questions regarding this program, please feel free to let me know!
City Manager

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