Must see exhibits at CA Science Center…and lunch

Pompeii corpse cast - click to embiggen
Pompeii corpse cast – click to embiggen

I have to tell you, the Pompeii exhibit at the CA Science Center through January 11 is quite the show to take in. Amazing artifacts, jewelry and such. But what really got me was the casts of the bodies found in the city as they excavated it.

In short August 24, 79 The city of Pompeii was struck by an eruption of Mt Vesuvius.  The folks ran and hid, then were buried with ash.  Flash forward some 1600 years and archeologist figured out the ash covered corpses were hollow and proceeded to fill them with plasters capturing this folks in the final moments of their life.  Moving.  Morbid.  Incredible.  Much more telling than all the artifcats and murals.

An added bonus, and I don’t know how we got it, but since we bought our tickets for Pompeii online a nice California Science Center employee gave the lovely Mrs and I passes to see the space shuttle Endeavour. 

Endeavour on display.  Click to embiggen
Endeavour on display. Click to embiggen

This was an unexpected treat. The exhibit runs you through a path with stops in places explaining the mechanics and human factors of the shuttle program.  Did you know that the potty was  moulded to fit your bum?  Had a suction tube at your anus and urethra that removed the material to later be exposed to the vacuum of space then sealed in a plastic bag and brought back to earth for disposal?  I sure didn’t.  This is a permanent display and worth the couple of hours and cost of admission it takes to take in all the dioramas and walk around the scorched under belly of the shuttle.

Cole's how to eat a french dip instructions, click to embiggen.
Cole’s how to eat a french dip instructions, click to embiggen.

Of course one doesn’t spend the morning in DTLA without partaking in a lunch at a classic eatery. For us it was the classic French Dip at Cole’s on 6th Street.  I was able to drop of a bit of family trivia that my wife had forgotten or was never told.  Her grandfather worked for a water delivery company back in the 30s-40s when her Dad was but a toddler.  At times as he was older her grandfather took her Dad on deliveries and one of their favorite stops for lunch back in the day was Cole’s.  I remember his stories of old Los Angeles from when she and I were dating.  Fascinating. He grew up on Harvard Street not far from USC.  But I digress, its just nice to find bits of family history in these old places downtown.  End of the story is a nice lunch that cost $24 with tip for 2.

All Pics by me, more in my flickr Pompeii and Endeavour albums.