12 Days of Giving : Foothill Unity Center

wrapped GiftThis is the first of several posts by us outlining charities and non-profit  causes near to our heart.  Its not always about monetary donations for these groups.  Tight on funds?  They welcome your time and talents to help them as a volunteer as well.  When its all said and done you feel closer and connected to your community when you help it out.  And isn’t giving of yourself all that matters this time of year regardless if its Christmas, Hanukkah or Pagan rituals?

One of the charities that I help when I can is the Foothill Unity Center.  This group is headquartered here in Monrovia with a satellite office in Pasadena.  Year round they service the hungry, newly homeless, newly jobless or whatever other suddent tragedy that hits their home leaving them in need of help.  They need volunteers for several upcoming events, money to support their programs, food donations, clothing…whatever you can help them with. Visit their web site linked in here for more information on what you can do to help them.  After the jump you can learn more of their immediate needs.

In the coming days Foothill Unity Center has a huge need for bodies to help with the Holiday Distribution and Adopt and Angel.  These two projects bring much needed relief to families, especially familes with children.

Adopt an Angel is a novel gift giving project.  Volunteers at Foothill Unity Center have already colored dozens of angels and distributed them to their centers for adoption.  On the back of each angel is a bit of information about a child in need and their Christmas wish…clothes, special toy, something you buy specifically for that child to be given to them at the Holiday Distribution.  This so much better than simply buying a toy and hoping it goes to a child that wants it, its about buying for a child to fulfill a special dream of theirs. Angels are waiting for adoption now at both of their locations. Questions? Contact Frances at (626) 358-3486.

The Holiday Distribution this year needs tons of help financially and with raw manpower.  Hundres of families small and large will be helped again this year and if you have the time to spare you can sign up to volunteer HERE.  They need help sorting and packaging the gift packages to the small and large families at the event that will be held at the Los Angeles County Arboretum.  The bulk of the packaging will be done on December 20, with the distributions based on family size on the 22nd and 23rd.

I am a board member with the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts.  We bring art to the community.  We partner with the Paint n Play Art Studio and Gallery to bring art lessons to children at two of Foothill Unity Centers biggest events.  Back to School in August and then again the Holiday Party in December.  This is an example of one of the ways I indirectly give back to the community and support the Foothill Unity Center.