Finally, an app to shame parking turds

Legendary Angelyne's legendary Corvette's legendary parking job.
Legendary Angelyne’s legendary Corvette’s legendary parking job in 2009.

For years, has served as a clearinghouse for photos of rude parkers, most often committing the sin of parking across the line and taking up two precious parking spots. Unfortunately, beyond posting the photo along with some snark and overhyped indignation, there was never the full satisfaction of knowing whether or not the “parking turd”* ever saw them publicly shamed.

Now all that is about to change.

Yesterday, Dennis Romero at LA Weekly reported about PL8CHAT, a new app that allows users to text drivers via their license plate numbers.

We immediately thought of the satisfaction that would result from being able to tell a driver what a complete idiot he is. Imagine being able to inform someone about the rules of the road or just about plain parking etiquette.

Yes, IMAGINE! Not only can we post photos online of these human embarrassments, we can then text them to let them know they’ve been suitably shamed on social media.

For example (this is a dramatization):

This is a dramatization.

Unfortunately, to receive messages, the parking turds will need to also have the app installed (good news, it is currently available for the iPhone, so at the least most of those drivers can access it).

6 thoughts on “Finally, an app to shame parking turds”

  1. Thats been in SF for a while. I don’t know if I like it or not. Mostly I like it, but its seems like too much of a bother to take a plate # then open the app etc.,. Besides, I’d probably get dozens of text like you outlined because of my kids using my car.

  2. I always thought that was parking TARD – politically incorrect and culturally insensitive as that may be.

    Never heard “turd” before, but I think I could embrace the term.

  3. +1

    If there’s anyone, and I do mean one singular person amongst the entire population of L.A., that can park when, where or however they darn well want – it’s Angelyne.

    C’mon man she’s L.A. royalty.
    ( . Y . )

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