Oy…what a car show this was!

29th Fabulous Fords Forever


Not much out there will tempt me to venture beyond the Orange Curtain, a good car show is a big one to do just that.  This years show was nothing short of amazing.  To celebrate the 50th year of the Mustang they had over 1000 versions of it from its launch up to and including 1, 2015 Model that will go on sale in a few months.  An amazing collection.

Of course it was more than just the Mustang.  It encompassed models from Ford’s inception with a variety of Fords, Mercurys, Edsels and Lincolns.  Every owner there had a story to tell whether it be their first new car ever and drove it the last 40 years, or a barn find they lovingly restored.  Even better…the customs.  Not always my cup-o-tea but I certainly appreciate the effort in making these one off automobiles.

There was even a Ford of Canada troup transport, gunnery shuttle dating from WWII.  This gem was found several years ago in complete disrepair, barely anything left stock used as a log puller at a Canadian logging camp.  The owner found it on Ebay, paid 2K and gawd only knows how much into it rebuilding, remachining, or parts from scratch to bring it back to life.

1944 Troop carrier, c;lick to embiggen

The customs always intrique me. I appreciate the work that goes into building one. I appreciate the engineering difficulties in making it work, especially when you try to transplant a modern powertrain into a 50+ year old car. What I don’t get sometimes is the “why”, other than personal preference, do they go to the extremes they do to get to the end results. Not always are the great cars, but they are interesting.

One such custom was this Mercury, or mostly Mercury with a lot of extras. It was cobbled from a variety old cars, 48-50 Mercury, 49-51 Ford, with bits from Town Car, Mercury Marauder, Mustang, Thunderbird, and Cougar all built on top of the chassis of a Lincoln Mark VIII. All of it worked and with a modern powertrain its at least a strong dependable performer.

Merccobblecar, click to embiggen

There was even a unusual and extremely rare late 60’s Ford Consul Corsair…that’s a mouthful to start with that was driven to Buena Park for this show all the way form Louisiana. It was a UK car. with a rare 2 door style built for export and sold in very limited numbers.

Ford Consul Corsair, click to embiggen

All pics by me, more in my flickr album.

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