Things only Angelenos will understand

The palm tree...iconic L.A., click to embiggen

OK…I’m at a bit of of loss on this one. This link was sent to me by a PR firm for a realty company in the Bay Area, a part of the state that for reasons I’ve never understood, hold us with great disdain.  The LIST isn’t entirely accurate and certainly missed out on a few biggies about us that are more truthful and enlightening on our own idiosyncrasies.  Race you to the 405?

What’s missing from their list?  What needs to be added?  Deleted?

Pic by me taken with the trusty old che-ez snap, a .2 megapixel toy camera.  Arty ain’t it?

3 thoughts on “Things only Angelenos will understand”

  1. I’m glad they left off the “arriving late and leaving early to ball games”.. that is so over used. We support alot of teams and support them pretty well. Some cities can’t draw fans late or not.. and fans do arrive late in other cities too.
    Most of the items were traffic related… duh.. LA and traffic. I don’t’ even know what a Juice Cleanse is though… and have you ever seen people in SFO or NYC park… come on.

    1. The juice cleanse got me, I know of no one in L.A thats done it, though you hear the hipster types in SF/NY yack about it.

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