The Kept Girl and other bits of Los Angeles

Kim Cooper, author of The Kept Girl, click to embiggen

If you know me, by now you know  I’m a total fan of Raymond Chandler. Angeleno and author Kim Cooper has a wonderful book that stars him and and is set in 1929 Los Angeles. Its told in the tone of his books which makes it a very easy and entertaining read.  Its centered around the Great Eleven cult that was active in Los Angeles that year.  Its been historically researched and based on several characters that may or may not have met in real life.  For the sake of this piece of fiction they all crossed paths and their tale unfolds in “The Kept Girl“.

Kim Cooper and Richard Schave also run the Esotouric Tours.  These social historians research a topic or person then put together lively bus tours on that theme around historic Los Angeles.

This past Sunday was the monthly Sunday Salon presented by the Los Angeles Visionaries Association.  Kim Cooper was there to talk about her book.  Also present was the graphic illustrator Paul Rogers who did the cover art for The Kept Girl.

Paul Rogers brought the house down with his map of L.A. superimposed over a map of the U.S.A to illustrate how he showed his wife, a non-native, how truly humongous we are. (Trivia…did you know that last count L.A county was the largest in the U.S with a population of 10.2M and is larger than 42 of the states!?).  He also showed us several slides of his work ranging from the Dodgers, Metro transit and general snippets of all things Los Angeles.  Take a look at his website to get a wonderful overview of his body of work.

Paul Rogers and his "map of L.A." click to embiggen
Paul Rogers' "Map of L.A." superimposed over the USA. Click to embiggen