This is what a drought looks like

San Gabriel to embiggen

Things are pretty dire around here.  After several years of not having “normal” rainfall this year was a disaster. Last stat I heard was we only got 1/3 of “normal”.

This morning I took a drive into Azusa Canyon for a walk along the river.  Path was closed due to recent fires and mudslides so I opted to take a drive into the canyons. Gorgeous day for that.  Everything is so clean and green after the storms of 2 weeks ago.

I was really surprized by how empty the dams were.  Worst I’ve seen them in years.  You can see the normal levels way up the sides of what should be big bright full lakes.  In the case of San Gabriel Dam, from the lookout above you can actually see the bottom, and many spots its just muck filled with flotsam and jetsam.  Not pretty at all.  Doesn’t bode well for our summer water needs either.  (Yes I know we don’t get water directly from there, rather water is released to settling ponds to recharge our groundwater).

This dam has a bit more water in it than the San Gabriel to embiggen

I suppose all wasn’t lost this morning as I did get out into the fresh air and enjoyed the canyon views.  Its really a short drive from DTLA to get to Azusa Canyon and the San Gabriel River.  Just head out on the 210, exit Azusa Ave (CA 39) and head north 3 miles into the mouth of Azusa Canyon.  You can easily spend the better part of a day just getting up to the top at Crystal Lake if you stop at the numerous turnouts to enjoy the view and walk around.  Marvel at the spring flowers that are starting to bloom, marvel at the green of it all, but don’t expect grand lakes up there right now.

Ornum to embiggen and see the normal high water mark.