Los Angeles as one of 6 host cities for 2015 Mustang Reveal


Los Angeles is an important market for the Mustang, one of its biggest.  We were one of 6 host cities in the world to host a 2015 Mustang reveal.  Yes, world as the next generation Mustang will be a globlal car.  The other cities were Shanghai, Sydney, Barcelona, New York and Dearborn that held a reveal on December 5th.  The car is really nice looking, still every bit a Mustang with loads of design cues from the past layered onto a very modern body that holds many similarities with the newest Fords.

The Mustang Reveal in Los Angeles was a big deal.  It started with a big morning reveal then the car was shuffled off to the Hollywood Walk of Fame for its tire prints to be immortalized there.  I missed those two events because I simply have too much going on.  What I did make was the Venice Beach reveal and that was a lot more intimate and spectactular.

Vaughn Gittin Jr talks about the signifcance of the Mustang, click to embiggen

Vaughn Gittin Jr, of Drifting Circuit fame, was there to talk about the new 2015 Mustang being revealed to the group.  This generation of the Mustang will be a globla car, sold in all the major markets. He talked about how he became involved with the Mustang with the 2005 redesign and began using it as a platform for his drifting, or hooning as it is also called. He said that no matter where he goes the car has always gotten a lot of attention and stares, even in markets that they could only get it via the gray market.  He opined that this generation will be better than any before and be a big hit across the globe.

The Venice Beach event was unique in that it was held in a public venue where anyone with a camera or cell phone could walk up and get pictures.  Once word was leaked out on twitter where it could be seen (wink, wink) the crowds started arriving.  This event started as invitation only to local media types and Mustang owners, club members and enthusiasts.  These folks came from Santa Barbara to San Diego to show off their Mustangs and get a look at the next generation GT that Ford had brought to the beach.  There must have been close a 100 Mustangs ranging from a very nice 1967 GT 500 all the way to a Roush custom that puts out 875bhp, 825bhp on street gas!

I was in heaven when those old cars rolled out.  I sat in shock and awe as the 2015 Mustang GT rolled out of its covered truck and onto the parking lot near the boardwalk.  The click of he shuters and beeps of the cell phone tells me it was a hit with everyone there.

I’ve said it in a few blog forums already, and I’ll say it again now that I’ve seen the car in person.  Camaro and Challenger, you are on notice, lose weight and up your performance or Mustang will own you.

All pics and video here are by me.  The pics will embiggen with a click.  More pics of the Venice Beach reveal in my flickr set.

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