Press Days of the LA Auto Show

Beer truck dispensing Stone Brewing brews at the Nissan display

I can’t begin to tell you the fun I have at Press Days for the L.A. Auto Show.  Yes, its a lot of work but a lot of fun is interspersed during it too.  You get to meet some really interesting people from all over the world, both media and manufacturer types.  The reveals are 20 minutes long and 5 minutes apart.  You have two choices…hustle to each or pick and chose the ones you want to stake out and really see.  I always take the latter approach and have time to photo the exhibits with minimal people in the way.

Most of the manufacturers have some sort of refreshment set up.  Audi and Porsche each set up pop-up restaurants with free wifi.  Jaguar did a nice cafe this year too.  However, hands down my favorite was the food trucks AND beer truck at the Nissan stand.  Yes.   A beer truck dispensing ice cold beer, ipa and ale from Stone Brewing.  I had a nice cold glass of Arrogant Bastard thank you very much.

There are tons of other things going on during Press Days as well.  There are receptions and happy hours.  Notable ones were for the Design LA and Aftermarket Halls at the show. There is also the opportunity to get in and drive cars, mostly green cars on the last day (Thursday).  

I met some really interesting people this year.  I got to even spend some quality time for a short interview with BMW’s Oliver Walter to talk about the new i3 unveiled here.  The i3 is a pretty amazing machine, all electric yet retains the fun to drive and performance you expect from BMW.  I likey.

Among the after parties I got to attend was hosted by Hyundai.  It was held at the historic, and absolutely beautiful Hotel Figueroa in DTLA.  It was really fun, zombies working the room, zombie stripper/contortionist on a barrel, people on circus stilts, and Ziggy Marley as live entertainment.–60n0U4x98

Honda revealed its FCEV concept, its a fuel cell car with some big technological jumps over the FCX Clarity they have had on the market since 2008.  This car got a standing ovation.

Ford revealed its new Edge concept, that looks really production ready.  Why L.A?  Well, we are Ford’s most important market for the Edge where it commands nearly a quarter of the market.

One of my favorite exhibits every year is the Faurecia a design and research firm with offices around the world.  They are doing amazing things with plastics, making them sustainable.  Things like tapioca treated with an enzyme to create petroleum free plastics, that are then fortified with hemp for strength and further weight reduction.  They even have developed new ways to use wood that keeps it natural, yet more efficient in handling and contouring so its less waste and lighter.  All this leads to  lighter more fuel efficient cars for us now and in the future.  They even have a nifty interior mock up using all of their latest technology.  Unfortunately this exhibit disappears for the public show.

The 2013 L.A. Auto Show runs now through December 1, 2013. All you could want to know about the show can be found on their WEB SITE.  I highly recommend buying your tickets online to avoid that queue.

All pics and video by me.  Tons of images can be found in my set on flickr.