2013 L.A. Auto Show – winners and losers

Entire Honda Accord Line named “Green Car of the Year”


The rain may have slowed down the award show start yesterday, but the end result was a lot of folks at Honda’s Torrance headquarters must have been elated.  Celebratory even.  In a crowded field of worthy competitors Honda’s Accord line, not just a single model, but the entire line of 4cyl, V6, hybrid and plug-in hybrid Accords with their “Earth Dreams” technology won Green Car of the Year. Quite an accomplishment and hats off to the folks in the South Bay for bringing the award home.

The 2013 LA Auto Show is without a doubt the best I’ve seen since I started covering it in 2007 for blogging.la  There were some 50 World Premiere’s at this years show of some really stunning cars.  BMW chose us as the auto show to introduce us to their new “i” program, that will in time be as recognized and as important as the “M” series is to them.  For a pic of my winners and losers for this years show you need to make the jump.

Honda FCEV Concept, click to embiggen

The absolute best received concept car, received with a standing ovation was Honda’s FCEV. This concept is a teaser of what is coming in a couple of years from Honda. It was under wraps and the show started with a water fall from the ceiling to symbolize the cars only exhaust…water vapor. Honda even brought in a slew of owners of the FC Clarity car for the introduction of the FCEV. Its been hinted that we could see the production version, with obvious tweaks to meet current laws, as early as sometime in 2015. To ensure that there is ample hydrogen fueling stations in the country Honda is work with others to get that infrastructure in place.

Galpin GTR1, click to embiggen

Galpin Ford showed off its exotic GTR1 supercar. With the demise of the Ford GT a few years ago, these guys saw the need for a domestic super car, and with the many talents available to them through Galpin Auto Sports, they built this 1197 horsepower, 225 mph super car. Nice and its local boys instead of a European marque setting the bar for exotics at this years L.A. Auto Show.

Fueled by the Fallen exhibit in the Aftermarket Hall, click to embiggen

The Aftermarket Hall had something new this year. Yes, DUB, Galpin’s GAS, and Al and Ed’s are there with their custom cars.  The exhibit of custom Camaro’s for “Fueled by the Fallen” is there.  This exhibit is dedicated to all who died in the 9/11 attacks.  Each person whether it be victim or first responder that died that day has their name memorialized on the side of one of the cars.  Impressive if not a bit spooky.

Design LA, a retrospective of L.A influence on automotive design. click to embiggen

Another pretty terrific exhibit can be found near the West Hall just off to the left of the upper lobby on your way to the walkway to the South Hall. Its the Design LA exhibit. It documents the design houses and firms here in the L.A. area and their impact on the cars world wide. Its worth the few minutes to detour away from the main exhibits to see the impact L.A. has on car design.

Coke and Ford's sustainable Fusion, click to embiggen

Ford and Coca Cola showed off their research car. Its a car with interior bits, seats, headliner, door trim fabric etc., made from recycled bottles. The source of the bottles is Coke’s plant based plastic bottles, aka PlantBottles, that are made from sugar cane and have a lower carbon footprint to produce than typical PET plastics. Their goal is to have a more durable, sustainable eco-friendly interior in cars and this Fusion is an example of where they want to go.

Sponge Bob Square Pants Toyota Highlander, oh why??? click to embiggen

This one stopped me in my tracks. Not for a good reason.  Execution of recreating “Bikini Bottom” the home of Sponge Bob Square Pants in the rear of this Highlander was just so-so.  Hazy acrylic walls aside, this just wasn’t there.  For all the things Toyota does well I can’t figure out for the life of me why this one.  Scion might have done more and better with it than an old farts suv thingy.

Youabian Puma, click to embiggen

Youabian Puma. This final exhibit greets you off to the immediate left at the top of the escalators in the West Hall. All I could ask myself was “why in the love of gawd does this exist”.  Its monstrous, bigger than a ‘slade at 23 feet long.  Massive 20 inch wheels are actually dwarfed by the 44 inch tires.  Its powered by a 500+hp 7.0L Chevy V8, and rumored to go 0-60 in about 5.9 seconds. Even made of aluminum and fiberglass that thing must suck down the gas.  But then again, with a price tag of 1.1MILLION the odd owner to pick one up won’t be worrying about the price of gas.  Want one?  You need top plop down a 250K deposit and wait for 18 months to screw it together for you.  Sheesh.

Screen shot of my flickr set 2013 LA Auto show, click to embiggen

I’ll have more debuts and such on my YouTube channel in the coming days.  I have hundreds of images from the show, all unprocessed jpeg on Flickr.  All video and images were done by me.