Snapcious DTLA iPhone Safari was a ton of fun

iphone safari photo set
Snapcious iPhone Safari set - click to embiggen or visit

I was a fun day and the time there was over before I knew it. Posts a plenty will come from the event. We started at the Grand Central Market and worked our way down Broadway with a jog through the fashion district and back to where we started. The Safari was led by Mack Reed and Yael Swerdlow two journalists with a passion for their game, Snapcious and for the city.

Before we started our walking tour Mack gave a quick talk on the iPhone camera, to which I’m still pretty much a noob.  Who knew you could spot meter with the damn thing…using grid view you tap the part you want perfectly exposed and voila the setting change to perfect the exposure to suit your vision.

During our meander through downtown there was a lot to see and do.  We stumbled upon a walking architectural tour that “accidentally” got us into the Bradbury Building.  Its the oldest high rise in DTLA and drop dead gorgeous inside.  I could have spent an entire day inside their documenting with a real DSLR the details and architecture inside the atrium alone.

One of our missions was “does my dog look like me” and we meet Annie and her human out for an afternoon stroll.  Talking with him was interesting. He loves it in DTLA, says its one of the best places he’s lived.  The last 6 months was an experiment for him. Though he loves it downtown its not working out and moving out when his lease is out.  I guess loft living isn’t for everyone, or at least this one with a dog.

What impressed me most in my journey through downtown was how much it has changed since I moved here.  Where it was once empty and desolate on weekends, its actually full of folks and has its own lively rhythm now.  I really liked it and look forward to the next iPhone Safari in another month or so where Mack and Yael plan on leading us through another section of downtown.

All pics by me with my iPhone and can be found in my flickr set.