Prop D passes and now some dispensaries face criminal complaints

KNBC has the full story HERE.  I understand the voters passed a law limiting the number of dispensaries and where they can go.  What I don’t understand is why the dispensaries that are outside those parameters don’t find new locations and operate legally.  Can anyone explain it?

The best quote in the story is from the attorney representing the dispensaries that got their notices to appear in court because they are outside the parameters.  “You can’t just shut down a business because you don’t like it,” he said.

Well, yes, legally there are ways you can do just that.  Pasadena, Monrovia and a host of cities have ordinances that ban outright the dispensaries, limit smokes shops and the old “head shop”.  Challenges have failed and Prop D is likely no different. Actually Prop D didn’t outright ban, they left a window open for some shops to operate legally with some guidelines.  Not sure what the deal is here as they’ve had months to find a new space and relocate.  

I’m not a big fan of the way the weed dispensaries proliferated and under the guise of legality 18 year olds are getting “weed cards” because they can’t swallow pills.  I really think weed needs to be regulated like a drug and dispensed only by licensed pharmacies with legit prescriptions and governed by the FDA or similar.  I voted for medical marijuana, not loopholes for recreational use.