Did you get the rude awakening too with the statewide Amber Alert during the night?

screengrab of the rude awakening this morning - click to embiggen

Imagine my horror this AM when my phone started buzzing and ringing and I wasn’t even awake yet.  Didn’t know what was making my phone buzz, ring and vibrate so violently.  I stumbled out the kitchen and saw the Amber Alert.  Didn’t even know there was a Boulevard, CA until now.

This isn’t the first Amber Alert I’ve been rudely awakened too, but my first here In CA. The first was not quite 4 weeks ago while I was in Vegas and Nevada Highway Patrol saw fit to alert everyone, even non-residents of the alert.

I know from my FB feed that at some point during the night all of my friends got such a message to their phone.  I’m not sure what I think about being pushed Amber Alerts, especially at all hours of the day.  What’s your thought on the idea of 24/7 push notices on Amber Alerts?  Is it good use or abuse of technology?

4 thoughts on “Did you get the rude awakening too with the statewide Amber Alert during the night?”

  1. While I certainly sympathize with the rationale behind AMBER alerts, I think it would be best to save the full-on FEMA alarm for emergencies that can affect hundreds or thousands of people (e.g., tornados, hurricanes, etc.). Using this alarm for AMBER Alerts will only lead to “alarm fatigue” and cause people to turn them off altogether.

    According to the U.S. Department of Justice AMBER Alert website ( http://www.amberalert.gov/index.htm ), 158 AMBER Alerts were issued in the United States in 2011. 47% (74) of these alerts were state-/territorial-wide, 49% (77) were issued regionally, and 4% (7) were issued locally. In my state of California, 16 state-wide alerts were issued in 2011.

    Granted, California had the highest number of AMBER alerts, and different parts of the country will have different numbers of alerts. However, most people in the United States should be targeted by several AMBER Alerts a year. And whether or not each Alert warrants a full-on FEMA alarm on our cell phones, is open for debate.

    As for myself, I’m going to keep the alarm activated for now. I’m hoping that FEMA will receive enough feedback from this instance to re-evaluate when they sound the alarm. However, if it continues to be over-used, then I’ll probably turn it off as well.

  2. I’m gonna be THAT guy…

    I’m pretty sure everyone would change their tune if it was YOUR kid who was abducted. But I also don’t mind a little interruption in my life so… meh.

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