LA vlogger Austin Null is a Agent for the Fiesta Movement

It bears repeating, you meet the coolest people blogging.  This time around it was LA vlogger Austin Null an Agent with the Fiesta Movement.  The Fiesta Movement is a social media program with Ford that gives folks who blog and vlog 2014 Ford Fiestas to take on missions, adventures if you will, and do posts about the cars they are given. It involves monthly missions from when they get the car in April until the program ends in December or January of next year.

I met up with Austin recently here in Culver City at Fullscreen where he is a “Social Engagement Strategist”.  He also blogs and vlogs with his own YouTube channel.  Austin is a recent transplant to the Los Angeles area living in the West LA area.  The Fiesta Movement has given him missions that have allowed him to explore more of L.A and sunny SoCal.

The missions are given to them at the beginning of the month.  They know a little about the list of options for missions in advance and make a mad dash to pick your favorite mission on the 1st.  The missions have a theme and each month is different.  The mission he has liked best so far was “Road Trip” wherein he packed the car up with his family and drove PCH from the WLA area to Dana Point then on to a boat that took them to Catalina.

The August mission is “Into the Wild” wherein they take their cars on road trips.  The mission he wants is the one that involves hiring a professional photographer to tag along as they venture out of the city into the wilds.  Not that far of a drive for us.  His plan is to take PCH north to an area where they can have cliffs at the ocean.  I suggested up a scenic outlook and coastal access point a couple of miles up from Leo Carrillo State Beach before you get to Sycamore Canyon Beach.  I also suggested they look at driving Malibu Canyon to Mulholland with a pit stop at Cornell Winery then on to Kanan Rd back to PCH.  Fun road to take a car on with some great places for pictures.

If you see Austin in his shiny new and Bright Blue branded Fiesta with Michigan manufacture plates give him the wave.  If you are interested in following his daily activities follow him on twitter @Thenivenulls.

Austin Null and his shiny 2014 Ford Fiesta Titanium- click to embiggen

Pic by me. More on the Fiesta and Fiesta Movement on in the coming hours.


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