L.A. County DUI arrests up 43% over last year’s July 4th

There must be a lot of folks sitting with their heads on their hands going “man did I eff up this time”.  DUI arrests this year are 490 compared to 343 a year ago for the same period.  Thats a lot of sorry folks looking at huge legal bills, fines and some jail time.  What happened?

This from nixle:

“Community: 490+ DUI Arrests So Far in #LACounty: Independence Day Weekend AVOID #DUI Campaign (Multi-Agency Update 3)

Avoid the 100 (policing agencies) Los Angeles County DUI Campaign

The Independence Day Weekend Anti DUI crackdown is reporting DUI arrests from local routine traffic enforcement and special Avoid the 100 DUI deployments in Los Angeles County.

From 12:01 AM Thursday July 4, 2013 through midnight Saturday 6, 2013 officers representing 100 county law enforcement agencies have arrested

490 individuals for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. (**NOTE: These numbers are only provisional with some agencies yet to report**). Last year during the same time period there were a total of 343 arrests for DUI.

Law enforcement officials are continuing DUI efforts throughout the county and region. DUI arrest data collection will continue through midnight tonight. Additionally, CHP throughout the state have all available officers patrolling freeways and county roads throughout the weekend for their Maximum Enforcement Period.” 

For Sunday July 7th, the following police activity will be taking place:

DUI Patrol- El Segundo

DUI Patrol- Gardena

DUI Patrol- Hawthorne

DUI Patrol- Hermosa Beach

DUI Patrol- Huntington Park

DUI Patrol- Inglewood

DUI Patrol- Long Beach

DUI Patrol- Manhattan Beach

DUI Patrol- Palos Verdes Estates

DUI Patrol- Redondo Beach

DUI Patrol- Santa Monica

DUI Patrol- Signal Hill

DUI Patrol- South Gate

DUI Patrol- Torrance

DUI Patrol- Vernon

DUI Patrol- LAPD Harbor

DUI Patrol- LAPD Devonshire

DUI Patrol- LASD

Police, Sheriff and the CHP encourage all motorists to help make your community safer: Report Drunk Drivers – Call 911. Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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  1. thats crazy, majority of my family and friends stayed locally and did not travel much. As a family, we are very aware of the risks and never drink and drive.

    Not safe, harmful, plus uber is amazing!

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