Do you have a contractor horror story? Reality TV may be calling you.

pic courtesy of Shed Media

You can read the full news release I got in my email after the jump.  But the short version is if you had a reno or remodel done to your home and got screwed by your contractor an LA casting producer from Shed Media is looking to talk to you.  The Casting Producer is Ben Selle and he is looking for a homeowner willing to spare a few hours filming with a hopeful host for a soon to launch major cable network reality show about contractor horrors.

I’ve tossed my hat into the ring for this one. We did an addition for a studio/game room and a patio redo.  The job should have taken 2 months, but took 10 as the contractor kept disappearing and dodging phone calls.  Worse after going over budget the work has aged very poorly…drywall seams showing and cracking, slate tiles popping up or disintegrating.  Sigh.  Eventually we fired him and hired someone else to finish the job.  Now we are finding out how shoddy his work was and we have no recourse.

To make things uber easy write Ben directly at [email protected] with your story of woe.  Include pictures of the problem, yourself since you will be on camera, and your location in L.A.

The press release after the jump…
POSTING:A new television series & respected production company is looking for LA home-owners who currently or recently have had renovations done to their homes, but are not happy with the end result. We are looking to test shoot our potential expert hosts (backgrounds in construction/carpentry/interior design/remodeling) and who can professionally give you the necessary advice on what is wrong with the problem and what would be the best way to go about resolving it. Along with this, we want to know about these contractors who might have done you wrong by doing a poor job, not completing the job as expected, and/or taking off with your money and leaving you in the dust.

This is an actual production filming, but not for airing purposes. Owners would need to be willing to be on camera for several hours at a TBD date towards the end of April. For your time and willingness to share your story & home, there would be some monetary compensation along with the professional advice of our expert hosts. Additionally, should your story resonate with our producers, there is a chance that the actual series could be filmed at a later date at your home where we would additionally fix your current renovation problems.

Interested home owners should please forward a brief description of your story, pictures of the renovation issue, pictures of yourselves, your location in the LA area, and your necessary contact information. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
Ben Selle
Casting Producer
Shed Media