Gimme A Sign: “Every Lane Is A Bike Lane”

Every time I see the lovely new “Every Lane Is A Bike Lane” signage from Metro, be it up on a billboard (such as the one atop Silver Lake Lounge seen between my handlebars across the street during a bike ride yesterday) or on the back of a bus, I appreciate it as a DIRECT SLAP IN THE FACE of every single sorry-ass entitled excuse for a motorist over the years who dared think they could bully me off the road with either:

A) Feckless words or reckless deeds


B) The lack of an IQ enough to know I have every right to be there.

Touché douchés.

3 thoughts on “Gimme A Sign: “Every Lane Is A Bike Lane””

  1. Amen brother. That is my new mantra (& avatar, etc). I live/ride in South Korea where the drivers are unforgiving when it comes to sharing the road.

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