Snapcious, the game all the cool kids are playing with their phones

snapcious logo

We all run around with our phones snapping pics and sharing the world as we see it.  Until now you either tossed onto social media like twitter or photo sharing sites like flickr and shared it with a few friends and that was it.  West Hollywood based F.8. Interactive just changed what you do with your pics via Snapcious.

Snapcious takes your image sharing to the next degree. It gives you missions to fulfill with your trusty phone cam and post onto the game.  From there other Snapcious review and rate your pics and the winners in many categories are announced each day. Each time you post a pic you get points.  You also collect points for suggesting missions, rating images and making comments on what you see.

The game is the brainchild of long time contributor Mack Reed and a few others at F.8 Interactive.  Since its launch on iTunes a few weeks back it has picked up followers across the globe.  You can download it from iTunes HERE and join the fun.   Complete guide on points and how to play HERE.  Best of all…its a FREE app.

Unlike some of the other social media pic sharing places like, um say Instagram, you own the pics forever and don’t sign away any rights in the TOS.  Thats a biggy for me as you never know which images I will wind up using for sale that I want to keep control of.

There is a short video after the jump that explains the game and how to play as well.  Continue reading Snapcious, the game all the cool kids are playing with their phones

Do you have a contractor horror story? Reality TV may be calling you.

pic courtesy of Shed Media

You can read the full news release I got in my email after the jump.  But the short version is if you had a reno or remodel done to your home and got screwed by your contractor an LA casting producer from Shed Media is looking to talk to you.  The Casting Producer is Ben Selle and he is looking for a homeowner willing to spare a few hours filming with a hopeful host for a soon to launch major cable network reality show about contractor horrors.

I’ve tossed my hat into the ring for this one. We did an addition for a studio/game room and a patio redo.  The job should have taken 2 months, but took 10 as the contractor kept disappearing and dodging phone calls.  Worse after going over budget the work has aged very poorly…drywall seams showing and cracking, slate tiles popping up or disintegrating.  Sigh.  Eventually we fired him and hired someone else to finish the job.  Now we are finding out how shoddy his work was and we have no recourse.

To make things uber easy write Ben directly at [email protected] with your story of woe.  Include pictures of the problem, yourself since you will be on camera, and your location in L.A.

The press release after the jump… Continue reading Do you have a contractor horror story? Reality TV may be calling you.

SGV Bloggers picnic Saturday…all are welcome to attend

5th annual sgv bloggers picnic
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Do you write a blog?  Like to read blogs? Like to meet the folks behind a blog?  Well then this annual event is made for you.  There are usually a few dozen local bloggers there and their groupies (not including each other).

This is the 5th annual held at this park, but if you have followed me on for a while you will know that we, a large diverse group of us bloggers in the SGV, have been getting together since ’07.  This picnic got going when it was determined we needed to do it annually in one location and blogger Timothy Rutt of the Altadenablog got it all rolling for us.

This is a pot luck affair so bring a tasty bit to share with the group.  Don’t be surprised if it gets blogged too.

Deets: March 30, 2013, 11AM – ???, Farnsworth Park,568 Mt Curve Ave, Altadena, CA 91001  MAP HERE

Gimme A Sign: “Every Lane Is A Bike Lane”

Every time I see the lovely new “Every Lane Is A Bike Lane” signage from Metro, be it up on a billboard (such as the one atop Silver Lake Lounge seen between my handlebars across the street during a bike ride yesterday) or on the back of a bus, I appreciate it as a DIRECT SLAP IN THE FACE of every single sorry-ass entitled excuse for a motorist over the years who dared think they could bully me off the road with either:

A) Feckless words or reckless deeds


B) The lack of an IQ enough to know I have every right to be there.

Touché douchés.

Whale Watching season is upon us

Whale Watching
click to embiggen, there are 2 whales in this picture

The whales are making their migration north from Mexico.  We are rapidly approaching the zenith of their numbers.  The fam and I made the trek to Dana Point to take advantage of the season as we “heard” that area tends to have the best whale watching.  We were not disappointed.  Our 2 hour cruise left us with memories that will last a life time.

We used the services of the Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching and rode out on the “Dana Pride” at noon yesterday.  We saw many sights as we cruised out past the sea lions on the break water and out to sea.  There were several pods of dolphins feeding out at sea.  What was really amazing was watching them follow our boat and play in the wake as we moved around them.

The captains on the boat are real experts at whale watching.  The offer up a narrative of what to look for as well as what you are watching.  They stay in touch with other Whale Watching boats to expedite the finding of whales by sharing information via radio where they can be found.  (Spoiler alert…we saw something that is rarely witnessed by us land dwellers and you need to make the jump to read about it).  Continue reading Whale Watching season is upon us

Desperate Landscapes needs your rotten dead yard

Yup, the DIY networks Desperate Landscapes show is coming to L.A.  They are looking for folks with yards so bad the neighbors complain about it.  Applying is simple, upload a couple of small size stills of your yard and do a YouTube vid explaining why you want their help.  Full details on the application process is on their Web Site.  If any of you are chosen for the show drop me a line…I’d love to do a blog post on you and your yard too!

To read the full press release make the jump.   Continue reading Desperate Landscapes needs your rotten dead yard

4 Arrested in January’s freeway proposal stunt in Covina

No matter how cute and romantic it is DON’T POST IT ON YOUTUBE if its illegal

The full details of the arrests is on the KTLA website.  For the life of me I can’t imagine why they posted it on youtube and bragged about it on other social media.  It was just dropping clues as to where they can be found for the arrests.  I give these guys an “A” for creativity, a “C” for the idea to do it on a Sunday morning where traffic is light, and an “F” for getting caught.

Classic Eats: Saying Goodbye to Bahooka, March 9th @ 5pm

Update: Starting today, Bahooka is cash only. Let us know if you’ll be joining us via our Facebook event page

Sadly, L.A.’s famous tiki-themed restaurant since 1967, Bahooka, will be closing forever on Sunday, March 10, 2013. If you’ve never been to the establishment with over one hundred fish tanks, or you just want to say goodbye, please join us for a farewell gathering this coming Saturday, March 9th at 5pm.

As the closing is imminent, I have not been able to get in touch and reserve any sort of table. Please expect a leisurely wait, which will allow us to hang out and admire Rufus, the restaurant’s mascot fish who is over 30 years old.

I hope to see many of you at Bahooka on Saturday. Come out for one last hurrah, one last order of crab puffs, and one last flaming cocktail (they will even make soft drinks with fire, if you wish!)

Bahooka is located at: 4501 N. Rosemead Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770

If you do plan to attend, please join the event on our Facebook page.

“Walk in No Shoes” Charity Event set for 4/7/2103 in Woodley Park.

Yes, I know that this post for a  charity event is early, but registration is now open and there is a discounted admission if you enroll to help by March 15, 2013.  Walk in No Shoes is a charity walk run event to benefit the poor and persecuted in  South Sudan.  The event funds will go to the Sudan Relief Fund to help them raise awareness, generate funds and support relief efforts that provide food, safe drinking water, clothing, shelter, medical attention, education and hope to the people of the region regardless of nationality, religion, ethnicity or what tribe they belong to.  You can get more information on the Sudan Relief Fund HERE.

The event will take place in Woodley Park.  The event will have 3 different categories of  running/walking.  There will be a 10K walk/run, a 5K walk/run and a 1K barefoot walk.  The latter is a sort of kinship exercise as the Sudanese often walk miles barefoot for water, food and medical attention.  There is a fee to enter these raises that will generate the funds.  The fees range from $25-45, and go up after 3/15 to $25-55.    There are also opportunities to volunteer to help them that day.  All the information you could want on the event can be found on their web site HERE.  These donations are tax deductible as the fund is a 501 c(3) charitable organization.

Deets: Sunday, April 7, 2013 8:00am to 1:00PM, Woodley Park / Lake Balboa 6350 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys CA MAP HERE

Drive Carbon Free for 2 years with a New Car

No, I’m not talking a short term lease on an electric car, its on a gasser.  Suburban Simi Valley Ford is buying carbon offsets on any new car/truck you buy from them now through Earth Day (April 22, 2013).  They will purchase a 2 year carbon offset in your name from who in turn sends you a certificate for this purchase.

I talked with Mike Shell the leasing manager at Simi Valley Ford yesterday getting details on this program.  SVF is doing this because they want to leave a legacy and be a leader in helping to bring about an end to climate change.  So far since the Drive to Save the Environment Campaign started they have offset 1 Million, yes 1,000,000 pounds of carbon going into the air.  They hope that other dealers, including other brands will follow suit with this project in coming years. Continue reading Drive Carbon Free for 2 years with a New Car

Irish Fair and Music Festival at Fairplex this weekend.

With St Patty’s right around the corner its time for the annual Irish Fair and Music Festival at the Pomona Fairplex.  The event includes food, bands, storytellers, dancers, variety (whatever that is) and demonstrations.  The Irish Fair runs March 9 & 10th 2013, 10AM – 6PM.

This isn’t free and a complete breakdown of the admission for the event can be found on their web site HERE.  You can purchase tickets HERE.

All the details about the Festival that you could ever want are on their site HERE.  Just in case you don’t know how to make out to the nether regions of L.A for the event the MAP IS HERE.

626 Night Market returns this summer in Arcadia

Yup, it was such a success last time around at Santa Anita Park they are returning this summer.  If you made it to the Pasadena locations last year you were probably put off by the density of the crowds and difficulties with parking and stuff.  The move to Santa Anita Park alleviated those obstacles and made the event really fun.  Of course, if you made the ones after the move to Santa Anita you are well aware of how much fun the place was.

The folks at 626 Night Market are so happy with the change of venue they are looking to increase their crowds.  They are having a contest on facebook and are giving away 5 passes to each of the 10 winners.  To enter all you gotta do is like their page and share it with your friends.

626 Night Market is also looking for artists, food trucks and other vendors to pack the place with and add to the fun and enjoyment.  If you are interested visit their web page HERE.  Yes, the prices seem steep, but it includes your canopy, lights, outlets and most importantly your permits.

I’ll post more on the dates as we get closer to the event.  If you want more deets visit the main 626 Night Market site when you have time.