Metro cans more carpool lanes for Lexus Lanes – SGV hit this time around

lexus lane transponder
lexus lane transponder needed even for carpoolers

Yup, as I mentioned in a post a while back, the HOV to HOT lane conversion is coming to me in the San Gabriel Valley.  The 10 from Alameda/Union Station to the 605 will be the affected area.  The change becomes effective 2-23-2013 at 12:01AM.

The transponders aren’t cheap, and then again using the lanes isn’t cheap if you are not in a carpool either.  Yes, you are required to have a transponder in your car if you use the lane.  There is no $3.00 service fee charged if you use it at least 3 times a month.

Metro is so “convinced” you will love it they are running a contest that ends today to get you to sign up.  Enter HERE.

AAA offers discounts on the transponders if you purchase it through them. This deal is open only to AAA members. The offer is as follows: Receive 20% off the initial pre-paid toll deposit of $40. AAA members will pay $32 for $40 worth of toll credits. Maximum discount is $8 per new account set-up.

My question is why hasn’t the 10 from DTLA to SaMo or the 405 from say the 101 to the 10 not been hit with the Lexus Lanes as well?  Certainly they are as congested as bad or worse than the freeways chosen so far.

2 thoughts on “Metro cans more carpool lanes for Lexus Lanes – SGV hit this time around”

  1. I think it just doesn’t make sense to Lexus Lane a freeway that is too congested. Either everyone would be in that lane anyway, pissed off at having to pay to sit still. Or the toll would be ridiculous and it would cause too much controversy

  2. There’s so many problems with this thinking right now. The 110 is bad in places it was never bad before.

    They did a terrible job of letting frequent carpoolers know that they’re still allowed to carpool in those lanes, they just need that transponder. I feel there’s added traffic in places now because the old carpoolers are now staying away from the HOV lanes.

    The pricing system just doesn’t work either. During peak hours, the fare should be cheaper as an incentive to get more people to buy into the system and reward them for using it. In off-hours, it should be expensive because there’s no reason you need to cruise it at 3am.

    And the 110 North out of the south is maddening because you pay to get into downtown, then you’re stuck with everyone else. Yes, it cuts down your time because the 110 is a beast anyway, but then it dumps you out too early and you crawl along.

    I am a FasTrak user. And sometimes, it is really awesome to hook into that lane and blow by the sea of red tail lights. Until you realized you just spent $4.00 to do it so you could get home in time to catch TMZ.

    I still don’t know why the HOV lanes in this city aren’t treated like they are in Phoenix (I think it’s Phoenix). During peak hours, they’re carpool lanes. During off-hours, anyone can use them. LA is just stuck. We can’t push the freeways out any wider. The 405 carpool expansion south of the 10, which took years, doesn’t seem to have paid off at all, and they’re extending that into an area where rush hour traffic doesn’t continue north of Santa Monica. Sometimes I feel like LADOT just spins a wheel of random road-related projects and then just guesses how they’re going to pull it off.

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