Lexus Lanes coming to Los Angeles’ Harbor Freeway

lexus lane aka HOT transponder

It was bound to happen here eventually, another money grab that gives privilege to the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.  The Harbor Freeway is converting from traditional carpool HOV lanes to HOT (toll lanes) both directions from Adams to the 91 Freeway on Saturday.   The toll paid will depend the time of day and congestion costing from 25 cents a mile to as much as $1.40 mile.

Motorcycles and legit carpoolers can still use the lane for free.  You must  have a transponder to use the newly christened HOT Lanes even if you are exempt from the tolls.  Transponders can be purchased from the MTA and select Albertson and Costco stores.  The MTA also charges a $3.00 fee per month for the privilege of having a transponder.

All the info you could want can be found via CHP Nixle and Metro Express Lanes web sites.

Have no fear SGV…you too will have Lexus Lanes coming after the first of the year for the 10 Freeway, both directions,  from Downtown LA to the 605.


4 thoughts on “Lexus Lanes coming to Los Angeles’ Harbor Freeway”

  1. Horseshit. Carpoolers can still use those lanes “toll-free”, but they have to have a $3.00/month transponder. That’s still a toll. Enjoy your preferential treatment lanes, 1%.

    1. If it works like the ones in the OC on the 91 both will be crammed full and stop and go in now time here too. And yes, I call horseshit too.

    1. How is this bad? It gives non carpool and non motorcycle to use hov lane. My wife has to pick up our kid from daycare. It will cost us less to have her pay a small toll to get to daycare sooner after work than having to pay overage fees at daycare.

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