Variety hosts Power of Youth

Warning the video does drop the f bomb so it isn’t entirely safe for work.

This past weekend I braved the heat (102F at 1 pm) and attended Variety’s Power of Youth at Paramount studios.  This annual event acknowledges young entertainers for their charitable efforts.  This years honoree’s were The Jonas Brothers, Vanessa Hudgens and others.

This was a really fun event with several different corporations there to help with the event.  These corporations all had programs focused on our kids.  Ford was there with practical hands on demos that were a fun way to learn the dangers of distracted driving.  Allstate was there with their “X the Text” program where the kids could sign off on a car promising not to text and drive.  Sony was there hawking their PlayStation with hands on play time at their corner of the event.  Cartoon network was there with the stars of “Regular Show” Rigby and Mordecai were there for photo ops.

Probably the most interesting corporation for me was Ford.  Their space had several hands on demos for the kids to participate in.  They could wear goggles that simulated alcohol impairment where they attempt to walk a straight line, with spotters to keep them from falling.  The best one was the obstacle course in the Driving Skills for Life.  In this course the kids would first drive the course with no distractions, then attempt to drive it again while texting.  The guy who I rode with on his course didn’t fair so well when attempting to text or read one while driving.  He hit many cones, rolled the stop sign and nearly missed the person darting out into traffic. In the end this young driver acknowledge that texting took too much attention away from his driving.

Allstate insurance dedicated its space to the same topic in their “X the text” campaign.  Here the kids would put their thumb print on a car and sign it promising not to text and drive.  Not nearly as entertaining or impactful as the hands on demo, but the kids were anxious to sign up and pledge not to text and drive.

Food trucks were all over the place at the Power of Youth event.  All of them were free…Pinks and Natural Fries were my favorites there.  A must try is the natural cut fries with chipotle ketchup…perfect amount of heat and smokiness to compliment the fresh hot fries.