Was this YouTube video worth being fired over? I think not.

I’ve watched this story unfold for a few days now and finally got my hands on the video.  Short version is that the off duty lifegaurds at the public pool in El Monte thought it would be fun to make a parody video of “Gangnum Style”.  It was done pretty tastefully as you can see and it doesn’t include any indication it was shot in El Monte let alone at their public pool.

The city powers that be saw it and fired them for misuse of the pool for personal gain. The pool manager was even fired and he didn’t appear in the video.   All done without warning.

They have a facebook page up.  Change.org  is rumored to have a petition going (I can’t find it though) . Even one of the city council members thinks there should be an investigation and that the firings were done too fast.

What say you on the firings?  Should they get their jobs back?

2 thoughts on “Was this YouTube video worth being fired over? I think not.”

  1. The firings are terribly heavy-handed. At best those involved deserved a reprimand. At worst, a short-term suspension. The terminations come across as if the powers that be in El Monte decided they found a way to save a few budgetary dollars and they figured to hell with the lifeguards and the community they serve. LAME.

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