Food and Wine names In-n-Out as one of the best Burgers in the country.

So some 18 million of us in the greater L.A. area can’t be wrong about the famed In-n-Out burger.  Food and Wine just named it one of the best burgers in the country. The only “chain” to make the list.

For my daughter and Son-in-law no trip “home” is complete without a trip to In-n-Out. There is much discussion on which version we prefer, I’m a purest and go for the regular cheese burger as does my daughter, the SIL likes it animal style. What’s your preference?

3 thoughts on “Food and Wine names In-n-Out as one of the best Burgers in the country.”

  1. If you’re taking orders for delivery frazgo, I’d like 6 double-doubles (with everything), three orders of fries, two chocolate shakes and thank you very much. Didn’t want to cook today…

    Actually, if there were one nearby (alas, no) I would probably order the same, a soda for the drive home and feast off the rest for the next two (very hot) days.
    Oh yum…double-double.

  2. A few years ago I was visiting my daughter in Davis, and she advised me to pick up something to eat, because she would be having supper before she came home. When she arrived, I commented “I see civilization has come to Davis.” and she said, “Oh, you must have found our new In N Out.”

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