Community Policing, LAPD says this is why we are becoming one of the safest cities in the U.S.

When I was a Valley dweller back when we were first married in Valley Village our neighborhood started experiencing gang related activity and auto thefts.  We were in the LAPD’s North Hollywood divisions policing territory.  They worked with us to establish a Neighborhood Watch and worked with us on a variety of community issues.  We became friends with several of the officers that patrolled our area. Community Policing now as outlined in the video has grown and is helping to make the neighborhoods in North Hollywood safer.

On a sidebar if you haven’t subscribed to the LAPD’s YouTube channel yet you might want to consider as aside from the infomercials and PSA’s they also have regular crime tips and vids seeking info on crimes.  You can subscribe on their channel HERE.

Back To The Future: The Turtles @ Grand Park

In retro-honor of Wednesday’s opening of the first segment of the long-awaited Grand Park, which will eventually span a 12-acre corridor between City Hall and the Music Center, let’s go back 47 years earlier to November 1965 with The Turtles singing “You Baby” at the west end then of what’s now this latest addition to downtown’s renaissance. Dick Clark, take it away:

(h/t LAObserved)

405 Carmageddon II set for September 29 – 30

Here it comes again, Westsiders needing access to the 405 freeway are screwed as it will be closed that weekend again on a 10 mile stretch.  Actually, the folks in the valley will be inconvenienced the worst if they need to trek over The Hill that day.  KTLA ran the full story which you can read HERE.  Their story has cute quotes from Yaroslavsky and Villaraigosa on what to do.  My thought is do like last time, make babies and create a nice little baby boom of sorts 9 months from now.

L.A. for Tourists: V.I.P. or R.I.P.?

SM Place
Santa Monica Place, overlooking beach and Pier

If you see black shuttle vans in the Los Angeles area, watch out for their frequent stops. V.I.P. Tours makes lots and lots of them in the same day. For example, their “Beaches and Shopping” tour, which I encounter regularly, stops and lets its passengers out at Fisherman’s Village in Marina del Rey, Venice Beach, the Santa Monica Pier, the 3rd Street Promenade, and then heads over to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, followed by the Beverly Center, for what can only be termed “Shop After You’ve Dropped.”
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Help a Whittier Student win a 25K scholarship, vote for her video.

The video is by Whittier student Kimberly Schiazza.  It was entered in the Bridgestone Teen Drive Smart video contest. The contest entailed them making a PSA on distracted driving.  She made it to the finals, its up to the votes to determine if she get’s the 25K prize.

The video is simply titled “Save a Life” and is in the top 10 of those submitted.  You can vote HERE.  (More on the contest HERE). Voting ends July 23 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. The top three videos will be announced August 1 on Teens Drive Smart.

Park and Ride parking limit

8 hour parking
8 hour parking limit at Monrovia Park and Ride

Recently I’ve had reason to pop into the Park and Ride lot at Myrtle and Duarte road in Monrovia.  I noticed all over the place signs with a parking limit of 8 hours, yet the average person using the lot needs more than that to cover his commute into the city from there and his work day.  Fortunately I didn’t see any of our local “parking police” in the lot and am glad they weren’t as I’d suspect most there are over that artificially low limit that doesn’t take into consideration commute time and length of a work day that includes a lunch break.

I wonder how the lot hours will change  once the Gold Line station opens in a few years and more commuters will be using the lot to get into work in LA or even Pasadena?

For one I’m glad it appears they don’t enforce the  8 hour limit there.

Pic by me with the trusty old cell phone, embiggens with a click.

Los Angeles Plaza Historic District In 1869

Happy 4th of July! Being a sucker for historic images of our city, I just had to share the following two exquisite views of Main Street, La Placita Church and the historic Los Angeles Plaza that I found on the History, Los Angeles County blog and the Watt Way blog. Both photographs were reportedly made in 1869, and may very well have been done by the same photographer on the same day — the first one facing east from Fort Moore Hill and the second facing north from the Pico House Hotel that was completed that same year (click to slightly enlargify):

Bonus image after the jump is one from Fort Moore Hill looking a bit more southeast of the location seven years later with Pico House at the right and the plaza having adopted its round configuration that remains today.

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