Say Hello To Tickets To Glen Campbell’s Goodbye Tour At The Hollywood Bowl June 24

“Are you related to Glen Campbell?” I got that question on a pretty regular basis from classmates first in elementary school and then again (to really date myself) for a second wave in junior high when “Rhinestone Cowboy” was all over the airwaves and atop the charts. I used to deny it, but when I got tired of fending off their disbelief at the truth I’d just shrug and tell ’em “Yeah. He’s my dad.”

Growing up without a father, there was a part of me that wished he was.

“Really!? What’s he like?” And I’d tell ’em that I don’t get to see him as much as I want — which as a fan of his music for as long as I could remember wasn’t a total lie.

Well, thanks to Filter magazine, a lucky reader and a guest will get to see Glen Campbell at the Hollywood Bowl this coming Sunday night in what will most certainly be a poignant night of both revelry and retrospect. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease last year, this stop of Campbell’s Goodbye Tour will be his final Los Angeles performance as he winds down his storied and award-winning career as a singer/songwriter who produced unforgettable hits such as “Wichita Lineman,” “Gentle On My Mind,” “Southern Nights,” and many others. Scheduled to be on hand to tip their hats to this true icon of American music include Dawes, Jackson Brown, Kris Kristofferson, Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis, The Dandy Warhols’ Courtney Taylor-Taylor, and Lucinda Williams.

The first half of the concert will begin with California-based roots rock band Dawes, joined by those other special guests performing original songs as well as selections from Campbell’s repertoire that have been of special influence. The concert will close with Campbell performing his most memorable hits as well as selections from his newly released and highly acclaimed album “Ghost On The Canvas” (title track after the jump).

For your chance at a pair of tickets enter your name and email address in the comments. I’ll randomly pick a winner Wednesday at 2 p.m. and contact that entrant for their name and phone number that I’ll forward on to Filter who’ll then contact you with info on how to pick up the tickets. Good luck!

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  1. It would be an honor to see this legend perform! I love Hollywood Bowl concerts.

    Katie S.
    (email address is attached with comment)


  2. I have loved Glen Campbell since I was in junior high. Hope I win the tickets!

  3. There are others who will appreciate seeing Glen Campbell more than I so I’m not writing to ask for that, but to add my memories on the man and his work.
    It was 1964 and the Kingston Trio was in town (SF), playing at the hungry i and recording for their first live concernt since College Concert and first with John Stewart. As a fan of the group since high school and someone who went to the i frequently, I knew I’d be there.
    A show there would have a folk or jazz performance and a comedian. Top name comedian, up and coming folk group–and vice versa. The Kingston Trio was still with Capital records and BIG so they had a new comedian as the opening act.
    My sister was a Trio fan also so she drove down from Reno and to ensure we had seats for the show, we had dinner in the restaurant before. As we waited in line to go into the showroom (not that large) there was a man taking the tickets as Enrico Banducci watched…taking people’s money, sticking it in his pockets, fumbling things–turning to look at Enrico through his black round-framed glasses, Enrico breaking up (and he didn’t find many comedians funny)….turns out the ‘doorman’ was the opening act, an unknown from the East Coast…funny, funny, funny. The man’s name was Bill Cosby.

    Then on to the main show. The Trio on the small stage, with Dean Riley their bass player, but this time, they added someone playing a 12 string guitar . He was introduced, a fresh faced, happy young man…after the show we looked at all the albums on the wall of people who had played there (a real who’s who) and there it was: The Astounding 12 String Guitar of Glen Campbell.

    I worked at a cocktail waitress in the financial district and after work (bars closed early there) I used to stop by the i, have a drink at the bar and watch the show through the window behind the bar. I was a regular (of sorts), knew the people there so I dropped in to see more shows for the price of a drink and saw over and over again what the extra guitarist added to the mix.
    I wasn’t suprised when his name started appearing in other places, especially on tv.

    Bob Shane is retired (others continue the Trio music), the others (Frank Werber, Nick Reynolds, John Stewart) passed on. (John dealt with his Alzheimers by writing a song about losing his driver’s license and died before the disease had taken full hold).
    So time to begin saying goodbye to another face, another voice that enriched so many years of my life.
    ” I need you more than want you and I want you for all time”…Jimmy Webb wrote the words but it was Glen’s voice, his singing that put the words in our hearts and told us things about ourselves and how we can feel about people without getting mushy or maudlin.
    Brillat Savarin wrote ‘tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are” (or somesuch) but I think the music I (and others) listen to and remember says more about who and what we are than any food or possession. I don’t need a portable music player or phone to have the company of that warm, kind voice in my head bringing the past and the present together in so many ways and giving an undemanding companionship that enriches my life.
    I hope the years that remain are kind to him. Since we know so little of what might remain inside when the ties to the outside are severed, let us hope that some of the music remains with him to comfort and be with him, as it has been there for us.

  4. Hi, Thanks for the wonderful opportunity at a chance to see Glen!
    Sherry M.
    edgarbeav at

  5. Southern Nights indeed ! Been a fan my whole life, think it was True Grit that started me out as a kid but he (and Mac Davis) were both a staple of 70’s variety shows that are indelibly stamped in memory. Coming up from San Diego for the show, free tickets or not, but free would be amazing :)

    Timothy Nunn
    [email protected]

  6. would love to see this show … we have kids and I haven’t been on a vacation is years … one evening at The Bowl would be so , so, terrific … thanks for the chance to go ….. all the best, Will

    s.g. hillas
    [email protected]

  7. I just wanted to say that I am so hyper now about this ! How am I supposed to do anything but watch the time and jump about !? Thanks again !

  8. ‘…….when I got tired of fending off their disbelief at the truth I’d just shrug and tell ‘em “Yeah. He’s my dad.” ……’ lol!!!

    okay, I will try to do some gardening ….. but wow, it’s like 1978 and we are making popcorn and going out to see fireworks exciting in here !

  9. ten mins til you randomly select the person who will go the the Bowl ! yay ! let me just say that Lynda with the fabulous story about San Fran in the 1960’s really shouldn’t get to see this show with these tickets because she is notorious for seeing shows with Glenn Campbell in them for free ! lol ! just kidding ! I love her story ! and she did after all, have to buy a drink to watch at the club ! anyway, it was so fun just imagining getting to go ! have a great day everyone !

  10. After putting each entrant’s name on a piece of paper and into a hat thoroughly well-shaken, I reached in with eyes closed and further scrambled things up until I ultimately emerged with one.

    And the winner is: Judith Mage!

    Congrats to her and thanks to all for entering!

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