Get your Medieval Geek on at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

After dancing around and debating about going or not I broke down and went this weekend. Why I was putting it off I don’t know.  It was actually a lot of fun, something one needs to do at least once in their life.  There is a lot of period confusion among the fair goers, its not all pure Medieval Renaissance times with some fun in the form of trolls, ogres and fairies tossed in for good measure.  But its all in good fun.

You get a good smattering of crafts, free wine tasting courtesy San Antonio winery, beer huts, music, free shows…minstrel, comedy/variety, magic and wenches all tossed in with some pretty good food too.

This isn’t a free event. Tickets at the door are $25 head, you can purchase slightly discounted tickets at select Walgreen stores enumerated HERE.  Parking at the Santa Fe dam will also set you back $10 bones for a dirt lot.  Map to location here near the junction of the 210/605 Freeways.  Better hurry as next weekend is the last weekend it will run this year.

All pics by me. More in my flickr set HERE.

3 thoughts on “Get your Medieval Geek on at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire”

  1. Speaking of period confusion, you do know that “Medieval” and “Renaissance” are two different periods, right?


    The show has become far less authentic and education-oriented over the years. A few years back, the family company that started it sold out to a corporation that runs several other fairs. They’ve incorporated everything from Dungeons’n’Dragons-style fantasy role-playing to famous 17th-century pirate captains and their flags.

    Ah, well, I suppose none of us are quite what we once were after fifty of debauchery and shenanigans. :-)

  2. sadly as a performer of this faire for over 15 years. I have seen manager destroy it piece by piece. we live in a state were you can go to a dozen places, Disney, knots, magic mountain, etc.

    they are turning it into a LA or OC faire. what makes it great is the history there is nothing like it. knights, swords, beer and history. that brought in food trucks this year and didn’t ever try to make them look like they belonged.

    the management is horrorable to the performers and black anyone with a voice that stands up for the people or the faire. most of the street performers and actors do this for free.
    yes free. I have spend hundreds of dollars to buy weapons and gear and clothes to teach the public alittle history and to have funny with them. at the end of the day if you are smiling and happy that you learned something it makes my day great.

    the again this year management has kicked groups for what a voice, profit.
    yea that to they want to cut each group in half so they can add more vendors so you will spend the max $$.

    the future:
    no history
    no original feel or look
    just a sea of vendors wanting $$
    Less of the people that make your experience great.

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