Hungry? I got a Food Truck App for that!

pay dragon logo
pay dragon logo

It launched this morning.  PayDragon is a free app for your iphone or android.  It hooks you up with a participating food truck or restaurant, lets you order and prepay cutting down the hassle of lines and worry if you have cash on hand.  Actually it does quite a bit of nifty stuff for you…

  • QR reader: scan codes with participating PayDragon merchants to instantly begin a transaction
  • A discover tab: locate nearby participating merchants
  • A game layer: earn points toward incentives from merchants
  • Exclusive deals: take merchants up on sales and food deals
  • Facebook integration: tell your friends about the great meal you just enjoyed
  • Receipts for transactions: keep track of purchase activity
  • Notifications: receive alerts when an order or item is ready to pick up

Participating vendors include the sweets chain Beard Papa and a number of LA-based food trucks such as The Bun Truck, CambalaCHE’s,Auntie’s Fry Bread, Chunk n Chip, The Grill Sergeant, The Wien, and Rounds Premium Burgers.

You can get your free download for your iphone HERE and your Android HERE.  I’ve been told by the good folks that other formats…Blackberry and Windows are being worked on.