Brett and Ross and their next big adventure: Escape Routes

Blogging leads one on many adventures, Brett Lemick and Ross Everett of Los Angeles are about to partake on a new one.  Fresh off  digitour that they served as hosts, these Los Angelenos are 1 of 6 Teams that will race from L.A. to New York (save your boos) and back home again in a NBC reality show that starts March 31st.  The show will pit the teams in challenges as they road trip across the country.  The teams will have home audience fans that will help them with their challenges.  In the end the winning team and one of their “fans” will win a new 2013 Ford Escape.

As a couple of YouTubers they have already vlogged as much as they can about the show in the opening video in this post.  They are looking forward to the trip and have been promised by the producers that they will be “terrified” by the tasks they will need to complete along the way.  Brett and Ross did their due diligence in preparing for this race.  They watched last years Focus Rally that included teams of Los Angelenos for clues as to what sort of challenges they can expect.  To even better hedge their chances they have been working with personal trainers to be in best shape possible for those challenges.

Aside from the home turf advantage with the race starting and ending in Los Angeles the guys are optimistic about the race.  “Both of us were in frats and can handle any situation thrown at us”.  Biggest fears involve being “catapulted against something” or being near a “pit of snakes”.  They both know that NBC and Ford won’t put them into situations but where every precaution hasn’t been already take to ensure their safety, but there will still be those nagging fears that they will have to get past.

Even more helpful for the team says Ross, is “Brett is good with talking with people and getting them to help them out which will be a big help in the challenges”.

Aside from this YouTube post there also is a tumblr post where Ross talks about the adventure and tries to enlist his friends into being fans of their team and help them in the Escape Route challenges.

They will be on the road for 7 weeks for this reality TV Show.  When asked what they will miss the most about L.A while gone Ross, a resident of the Pico Robertson area answered first, “Not the traffic on the 405, but the entertainment, the ability to just take off to some small movie theater and catch a show to slow down or the sense of home”.  For Venice resident Brett he will miss “the bike rides in Venice”.

They can be followed on twitter and a variety of blogs and vlogs.

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And…if you want to follow them as a fan and learn more about them and the other teams you can do so at the Escape Routes web site.  You can even chose your team to fan and follow with a chance at winning a new Escape.

UPDATE 3/15 6AM…Ross has his video up explaining the adventure and explains why you should join his team.