The Rattling Wall at Book Soup

Sometimes it can be tempting to think there isn’t a great deal of literary activity happening in LA, with all these film-related happenings taking place all the time. (Ahem – Academy Awards, anyone? Sorry, get your list of winners somewhere else.) Don’t get me wrong, I love film, but it can be a little frustrating when LA’s persistent film culture serves as a distraction from the fact that there are, indeed, literary events happening here in our fine city on a regular basis.

As an example, Friday night I had the privilege of attending a reading sponsored by The Rattling Wall at downtown LA’s beautiful The Last Bookstore. The readers were fantastic (full disclosure: one was on my master’s thesis committee and another was a dear friend and former coworker) and it was clear that The Rattling Wall is quickly becoming a valuable contribution to the LA literary scene.

For those who didn’t know about Friday’s reading or weren’t able to make it, you have another chance to redeem your street cred as a literate Angeleno by attending this Thursday’s reading at Book Soup. Once again sponsored by The Rattling Wall, this reading will start at 7pm and feature readings by Katie Arnoldi, Lou Mathews, Helena Lipstadt, and Rattling Wall editor Michelle Meyering.