It Caught My Eye: A Titanic Reminder

Walking back from a trip this afternoon to a neighborhood bakery to get some valentine sweets for my sweet, I chanced to look down and discover this intriguing silhouette of a certain historic luxury cruise liner (that I immediately recognized because I’m a history geek like that) sprayed upon — of all places: a Silver Lake driveway apron (click to embiggen):

The approximation of the logo above it is that of the ill-fated ship’s owners, but with with a “4,” a “12,” and a “12” appearing in the banners under the flag where the words “White,” “Star” and “Line” would be.

It’s interesting (at least to me) that the piece would reference the date of April 12, 1912 — an entirely normal and uneventful day at sea in RMS Titanic’s brief history — instead of the far more infamous date three days later when she sank into the depths of the North Atlantic, taking the lives of 1,517 people with her.

No doubt much more attention will be paid to the the hundredth anniversary of April 15, 1912, when it rolls around in a couple months. But rather than jump on that tragedy bandwagon, perhaps the artist focused on April 12 in homage to the spectacular ship when she was full steam ahead on calm seas and in all her awesome glory.


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    1. Happy to say it doesn’t seem to be connected, Declan — at least the two dates don’t coincide. The King of the World’s 3D re-tread so blatantly capitalizing on the centennial of the catastrophe is scheduled to arrive in theaters April 4.

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