Lord Have Mercy: Relief For “Laddicts” Has Arrived, Siriusly

Back in October legendary Los Angeles DJ Jim Ladd’s 14-year run at KLOS was unceremoniously ended when he was taken off the air by the new corporate pigs at Atlanta-based Cumulus Media who’d just purchased the radio station. Poof. Gone. The shmucking fucks didn’t even allow him a farewell broadcast.

I wasn’t the only one supremely pissed off by this — and for the very reason the Los Angeles Times’ Randy Lewis cited in his November 5 article:

More than simply a popular personality on the Southland radio scene, Ladd had developed last-man-standing status in his field, the only DJ at a major-market commercial radio station in the country who still picked the songs he played rather than using a preapproved playlist created by the station’s program director or outside consultants.

Fast forward to last week, and the awesome news that found its way into my inbox that Ladd had landed a new gig at SiriusXM Satellite Radio, one that premieres today on the Deep Tracks Channel (No. 27) at 4 p.m.

Sure it’s not “free” radio and there’s a shitload of more important stuff going on in the world, but from where I sit next to my Sirius-capable internet radio box it’ll be a bit of a better place this and subsequent afternoon with Ladd’s voice back out there sailing on the Los Angeles airwaves once again.

3 thoughts on “Lord Have Mercy: Relief For “Laddicts” Has Arrived, Siriusly”

  1. You can still point to KROQs legendary DJ, Rodney Bingenheimer, as well as Sex Pistol turned DJ, Steve Jones, as LA radio hosts who create their own playlists and play what they want.

    One thing I will not miss on these terrestrial airwaves is Jim Ladds’ rambling, semi coherent, “too cool for the room” between song diatribes and his excruciatingly drawn out, horrendous train wreck song segues. Hey Jim, ONE song at a time please!

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