A Three Hour Tour???

LA’s broke & getting broker – so let’s all (or rather a select few) take our minds off it with a “free” ride on this yacht that will cost us yet another $Mil or so next year alone….

Villaraigosa, you are SO FULL OF SHIT!

4 thoughts on “A Three Hour Tour???”

  1. I concur. Maybe we can sell it off to pay for a little street maintenance, some of the potholes downtown are big enough to swallow a Buick.

  2. Agreed!
    And what about the refurb that flippin’ yacht is having now?!?! About $250k!!!
    Let us NOT forget the annual fuel bill and the salaries for the two captains

  3. I can’t believe the mayor actually said: “It’s not a yacht. It’s a boat.” I’d call him insane, but he’d probably “correct” me: “I’m not crazy, I’m delusional.”

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