I Braked for Five Guys Burgers

El Segundo Five Guys
Five Guys El Segundo, open at night

I’m a big fan of Five Guys burgers and fries, but rarely make the trip down to Carson. So it was a nice surprise at about 9:30 the other night, after a day of negotiations down in the South Bay, to be driving up Sepulveda Blvd. just short of LAX and to see the red and white Five Guys sign on the east side of the road. A quick maneuver into the parking lot, and more luck as Five Guys was open until 10 p.m. I saw, I scarfed. It’s in an office park-nice little shopping plaza with a courtyard and outdoor tables.

Five Guys also has other locations, and planned locations, in and around the Los Angeles area. Of these, the El Segundo outlet may be the most dangerous for me. The In-N-Out Burger just on the other side of LAX may have better views, but I’m partial to Five Guys’ food.

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  1. i’ve heard and heard about five guys… but this is the first i’ve seen of one… could they not come up with their own colors and not look like in n out? what a rip off!

    1. Five Guys started on the East Coast, so it wouldn’t have looked like they were similar to I-N-O back there…but I agree, coming to California looking like that could raise suspicions.

      They’re opening in Westwood soon. I tried Five Guys for the first time when I was waiting for my plane back to LA in Dulles Airport. Maybe it was not a great location, being in an airport and all, but I found the burger to be pretty unremarkable. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really good either. The fries, on the other hand…good stuff.

      1. at little market research goes a long way… however, i think they are doing just fine out here.

    2. Evan beat me to it about the signage. There’s a good chance that Five Guys wasn’t familiar with In-N-Out, or at least had no dreams of competing with In-N-Out when they started in the D.C. area. Also, In-N-Out has that yellow trim in their exterior color scheme (which some could accuse them of borrowing from McDonald’s).

      Although I mentioned In-N-Out in the post, that was due to the proximity of both locations to LAX. As I’ve said before, the burgers aren’t directly comparable IMO. In-N-Out is pure fast food, comparable to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, & Burger King, and I think they beat those places hands down. Five Guys is a bit more premium (and the price reflects it), more comparable to places like the Hamburger Habit and The Habit.

      1. I tried the Habit just last week… across the street from that Five Guys you tried. All and all i feel In n Out stood up to it well, considering its “faster” food. I’ll get out and try that Five Guys.

        It just hit me so quick, the colors and look of the inside counters on that pic looked so much like In N out that i didn’t seem a mistake. I even googled pics and thought… wow, even their wrapping looks like In N Out.

        by the way… keep your safe search on when googling for “five guys.” lol.

        1. there’s absolutely no need to hurry to Five Guys. In terms of fast food, it goes something like: In-N-Out, 5 Guys, Habit. And In-N-Out is barely edible as is.

  2. I’m not so much a fan of the “messy burger” which theirs is. The taste is good though. I think their idea of giving me half a bag of fries as a half order is WAY over the top. I end up throwing most of them away…..and regarding the fries, how are they double fried and STILL soggy?

    But my biggest peeve is the price!! If I go order a single cheeseburger, fries and a drink it costs me approx $12-$13!!! No thanks. It’s a decent burger but NOT worth the money in my opinion. (Yes I know we will pay big money for a restaurant burger, but remember, they are “fast food”)

    ***Newcomers tip: All of their burgers are double meat. If you want a single, you need to order a “little” burger.

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