Things I learned when the power went out

Heater Meal
Heater Meal heating

The power going out in some ways turned out to be a nice little lesson on survival after the “Big One”.  In my corner of the SGV trees didn’t just break apart they were uprooted with giant rootballs leaving craters behind.  All that flying and falling trees made for numerous power lines down and power out for me for two-and-a-half days.  The clean up was all outside instead of inside, but still took plenty of man power to get things back in order, not unlike the aftermath of Northridge.

Once it became apparent that it would be days instead of hours before power was restored my neighbors and I got the brilliant idea to cook up all the perisables in our fridges and have a giant “candlelight potluck” party on the first night.  Chilly as it was in the house it was fun just talking with the neighbors, commiserating on the lack of power and just feasting and enjoying all the wine. Continue reading Things I learned when the power went out

Thar She Blows!

No, it’s not talk like a pirate day—it’s just windy as all get-out! And it doesn’t have anything to do with Blogging.LA blowing out candles.

In case you haven’t been able to load twitter or step outside today, you very well know that the wind is blowing hard here in LA. As I made my way East on the 101 toward my Studio City home last night, all sorts of debris blew past, including some old woman on a bicycle saying something about my little dog. A brief scan of twitter let me know that people from various parts of the city have been without power, such as a few friends in the Eagle Rock/ Glendale area.

What’s your experience of the wind been? Let us know in the comments—what part of town are you in and what effects have you witnessed?

Happy Birthday to us…

8 years ago today the very first post went up here at  I for one have had a ton of fun and some interesting adventures courtesy this blog.  We’ve done a lot from the inane parking tard posts, to series to contests to Classic Eats and the Donut Summit.  We’ve blogged from the heart  covering everything from Downtown to the fringes of the suburbs and everything in between.   A lot of L.A. has been documented on this blog.  What has been your favorite post here?