What to Get the One Percent

It’s become our custom at b.la to share some ideas about how to help those in need during the holidays. We’ve been posting about places or organizations where you can volunteer your time or donate your money and truly participate in the spirit of giving this holiday season. But I know what some of you are thinking: All this helping-the-less-fortunate is well and good but what about the 1%? What to get them this holiday season? Thanks to a Thrillist email a few days ago, I have the answer for you.

How about a pair of Mychael Darwin jeans? According to their website, Mychael Darwin’s customers include “International Kings, World Entertainers, Hall of Fame Athletes, The Champion Los Angeles Lakers, Hollywood A-List Celebrities and Stylish Denim Enthusiasts.” Their “bespoke” jeans are custom cut to fit to your exact measurements. With extras like silk-lined pockets and “the world’s best denim fabrics” it’s no wonder that prices start at $1,200.  For a couple hundred more you can get sterling silver buttons and rivets, and eighteen karat gold or platinum hardware will set you back $3252.50 or $5232.50 respectively to start.

Normal delivery time is two weeks, so you’re looking at more of a new year’s present most likely, but for a fee, you can get a pair as quickly as 48 hours apparently.  And you know, once you’re in for a few grand on a pair of jeans what’s an added convenience charge?

3 thoughts on “What to Get the One Percent”

  1. Oh, do please stop using the tired and obnoxious lexicon of the Occupiers “1%” this and “99%” that.

    Obviously, I’ve got OWS fatigue. :)

    1. Sometimes when phrases catch on and take hold through repetition, they become tired and obnoxious to some, and that’s understandable. Nevertheless, the folks who put out the annual Yale Book of Quotations just chose “We are the 99%” as the best quote of 2011.

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