Occupy the Rose Parade

It is what it is and this spokesperson at least gives a cohesive reason why the parade should be disrupted.  Although I don’t agree with it in its entirety, something has gone horribly wrong where this once largely free event is now costing us a fortune to even view the floats after the fact at Victory Park.  Hell, even some of the floats charge “Volunteers” for the privilege of helping to decorate.  If they disrupt I fear they stand more to lose more potential followers than they can gain. Is this being naughty or nice is up for debate.

5 thoughts on “Occupy the Rose Parade”

  1. These Occupiers are such schmucks.

    Occupy the Rose Parade? Really? What about the Doo Dah Parade, or the Electric Light Parade?

    This is a poor excuse for obtaining shameless publicity, any way they can get it.

  2. The Occupy Movement appears to be made up of mostly anarchists and socialists and maybe some people who are ticked off that — because government coffers are empty now — there will be less fulfillment of the “unstated agreement” to supply certain bureaucratic make-work jobs to people who majored in, say, Tea Leaf Reading in college.
    In spite of my earnest efforts to find sensible people as a part of the movement I haven’t yet seen any, except of course for the ones who occasionally show up as “spokespersons” —- such as the guy in the video you posted.

  3. I’m glad somebody’s Occupy-related post is getting comments, but I’m afraid the use of the word “disrupt” here is a straw man. The spokesman in the video didn’t say anything about a plan or desire to “disrupt” the parade. He said he’s asking people to gather on the sidewalk with signs at the intersection where the tv cams will be, so their signs show up in the background of some of the tv pictures. The occupytheroseparade.org website specifically states: “Occupy The Rose Parade actions will be peaceful, entirely non-violent and non-disruptive.”

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