No Festival of Lights for us this year

screen grab with the announcement no Fesitval of Lights

Busy looking for things to do different than the Hastings Ranch or Christmas Tree Lane displays to take the out-of-towners to this year I decided to look for the details on the Festival of Lights. ¬†Imagine my surprise to learn that an infrastructure project has it cancelled for this year. More details on the cancellation HERE. ¬†With Griffith Park out of the picture am on the hunt for something equally grand…ideas anyone?

5 thoughts on “No Festival of Lights for us this year”

  1. I know the Festival of Blights will come blazing back once the work is done, but I actually consider this 2nd-Annual Festival of Darkness a gift from LADWP to Griffith Park — a welcome respite from the thousands of idling emissions-belching vehicles that crawl and cough their ways through every season.

    As a suburban alternative there’s “Candy Cane Lane” in a few square blocks of Woodland Hills immediately north of the 101 and east of Winnetka in which the residents really do up the holiday decor.

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