Monday Morning Diversion: Birdz & Beatz

By way of backstory, our previously existing birdbath proved to be low enough for our cats to nab the occasional sipping or splashing birdy — the most recent victim being a yellow-rumped warbler on Friday. So with a step ladder found discarded on the street last week I raised the water’s level to an elevation more than double its previous height and thus far more advantageous to our feathered friends rather than my beloved feline fiends. Then of course, I set up a camera up yesterday to timelapse the popular new set-up, and set the ensuing clip to a techno dance track that occasionally syncs with the birds’ movements so that it seems they’re boogeying more than bathing. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Diversion: Birdz & Beatz”

  1. Very cool. I especially liked the cat lurking around (first time about 1:26 to 1:32 and then again around 1:43 and later). I wonder if the kitties will ever try to stage a dive attack from the fence/ tree/ some other tall nearby object…

    1. Yeah, at various points Pepper (gray tabby), Jig (trippy coat) and Patches (calico) make appearances. Jig and Patches are known to fence-sit, but more for relaxation than for predatory purposes. The only time I’ve seen any of the cat in trees is usually when they’re stuck in them and acting all whiney. Fingers crossed they don’t try to find a work-around.

    1. Overall the camera recorded about 3.5 hours total, but since an empty birdbath isn’t very interesting I edited all the birdless sections out and what you’re seeing equates to about 90 minutes of real time birdness.

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