Thar She Blows!

No, it’s not talk like a pirate day—it’s just windy as all get-out! And it doesn’t have anything to do with Blogging.LA blowing out candles.

In case you haven’t been able to load twitter or step outside today, you very well know that the wind is blowing hard here in LA. As I made my way East on the 101 toward my Studio City home last night, all sorts of debris blew past, including some old woman on a bicycle saying something about my little dog. A brief scan of twitter let me know that people from various parts of the city have been without power, such as a few friends in the Eagle Rock/ Glendale area.

What’s your experience of the wind been? Let us know in the comments—what part of town are you in and what effects have you witnessed?

6 thoughts on “Thar She Blows!”

  1. I live in Northridge right by the mountains. The wind here is INSANE. Seriously thought my whole house was going to come down.

  2. More often than not when the Santa Anas freight train comes roaring into the region, Silver Lake doesn’t get slammed to the degree that other parts of SoCal do, but not Wednesday night. It was as sustained and relentless a wind as I’ve ever experienced. Backyard clean up the next morning involved about 20 fallen palm fronds and nothing broken beyond a few plant pots , but I know others in my vicinity weren’t so fortunate.

  3. Here by the beach, we should have had the most dissipated winds of anyone, but they were violent. There were good-sized power outages in the Play del Rey and Santa Monica areas, reportedly caused by trees hitting things that they’re not supposed to hit.

  4. We just got power back a few hours ago here in my corner of Monrovia. The town took a very hard hit. Big trees down all over blocking streets. Even the 75 foot tall evergreen in Library Park used as our community Christmas Tree came down in the storm. Now that I have had 2 days without power I relish the thought of a nice hot shower.

  5. I’m in the SGV and fared better than many others in my neighborhood. That said, we were without power for more than 24 hours and also need a new roof. :(

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