Menu Mining: The Oinkster

oinkster pastrami
Oinkster Pastrami with Fries and Garlic Aioli

The Oinkster in Eagle Rock was our stop for dinner last night after the Auto Show. I learned about this place from my neighbor who gets around the city even more than I do. I was impressed.

Not being shy about hurling superlatives let me tell you that the “Oinkster Pastrami” was just about the best, scratch that, The Best pastrami sandwich I have ever had.  It is your classic corned beef that is hand pickled and roasted there.  It is the perfect blend of spice to slow cooked beef flavor without being too salty to enjoy.  It is on a french roll with sauteed onions, melty Gruyere cheese and red cabbage slaw.

Even the fries aren’t standard fast food fries. They are billed as Belgian Fries” and are double dipped for a nice crunch.  They are served with a nice garlic aioli…nice because yes you taste the garlic but its not so strong that it kills your taste buds for anything else.

My son opted for the pulled pork sandwich and had their homemade ketchup with the fries instead of the aioli.  Their ketchup was really nice, thick and tomatoey with none of that cloying sweetness you get in the off the groc shelf stuff.  He enjoyed it and joined the “clean plate club” in due course.

The vibe is a jovial college crowd with a nice dash of hipster.  That could well be enhanced by the variety of nice microbrews on tap.

It has both indoor and outdoor seating available.   A caveat to this is that the place does pack up fast and you do run into lines getting your order placed.  On rainy day be prepared to run into seating problems as the place loses half its capacity.

The bill came to $24.47 for the two of us by the time you added in the cost of drinks.  Not fast food cheap, but certainly way better quality than one would find at a fast food joint.

Everything you could want to know about their burger and pastrami menu can be found on their website HERE.  They also are on twitter and don’t post so much as to blow up your twitter feed.
The Oinkster
2005 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. I’ve heard that Andre Guerrero studied pastrami curing with Al Langer, but it’s not quite the same recipe. (Personally, I prefer the Black Pastrami Reuben at Brent’s Deli to either of them.)

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