Redondo Beach Man reunited with his 1965 Chevy SS
File this under found on road alive.  A Redondo Beach man bought the car new in 1964 and had it for 20 years before he sold it. His sons went upon the quest to find the car and return it to him. The quest led across the country where they finally found the car on a lot in Canada. They bought it and returned it to him as a gift.

In the land that rust forgot what old car from your past would you like to have back?  For me its a mixed bag but the one I regret selling the most that I’d love to have back is my old ’72 Centurion which took us on many a road trip to the beach and shows all over the L.A. area.

4 thoughts on “Redondo Beach Man reunited with his 1965 Chevy SS”

  1. Wow!! Those are some loyal sons. I’m only 24 years old but my first car was a Ford Expedition. I was definitely the chauffeur of all my friends. Good times.

  2. I’m not one to get all caught up in car commercials, but when I saw this ad on TV it choked me up. Probably because I still grieve over selling my first car — a 1965 Mustang (for $800 in 1984, to pay back a down payment loan on my second car… a Mazda GLC hatchback). I was lucky to get that amount. I sold it to a guy that worked at a KFC in Simi Valley. He said he’d buy it if I drove it out there to him. She made the trip. From the day after to today, I wish she’d broken down.

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